I Blinked My Eyes….

Man, didn’t 2015 just FLY by? While it’s not literally true, it sure seems like time goes by faster as I age. It was just January 2015 and now I’m looking 2016 square in the eyes!

One of the nice things about writing a blog is that, just like when I was 12 years old and kept a diary, I have a record of a lot of what was going on this past year. It was fun to look back and see what my family and I have been up to for the past 12 months….

kaiya-mylee-austinThe highlight in January was a surprise visit to Arizona from Court and his family. While they didn’t arrive on my doorstep without notice, they really did only give me a couple of days to anticipate what I expected would be — and turned out to be — a wonderful visit. Time with family, a visit to the Phoenix Zoo, a chance to show them the house in Arizona that we love so much. Read about our visit here.

Despite their visit, I was homesick for the grandkids; enough so as to warrant a quick trip home to get kisses (and, to be fair, check and make sure things were fine at the house). Our homecoming welcome is documented here.

11082470_10202721282511673_515102186345354589_nOn March 28, I gave my niece Jessie the opportunity to present her case as to why my blogs on Fridays should be devoted to pizzas rather than books. While she didn’t persuade me, her argument was amusing if not compelling. What do you think?

Bec and I also made a visit in March to a fascinating and wonderful Asian market called Lee Lee’s International Foods in west Mesa. Read about our experience here.

I experienced extremes in April, with a visit to the hospital for an obstructed small bowel mid-April, followed shortly thereafter by a trip to the happiest place on earth — Disneyland. Bill completed his weeks-long project of building an outdoor kitchen at our home in Arizona. Nanas Whimsies hit the benchmark of my 500th post.

We left on May 1 to head back to Denver for the summer and fall. We no sooner arrived and our youngest grandchild turned 1! We celebrated his day, and the next day I awoke with no voice. I had laryngitis that lasted a couple of days. Read about all of these activities here.

bubba-gumpsIn June we had a wonderful visit from my brother David and his wife Sami. It had been a couple of years since they had the chance to come to Arizona, and this time they were by themselves — no kids or grandkids. We had a wonderful visit, including an exceptionally nice night at Bubba Gump’s Restaurant in downtown Denver. There was also a very funny incident that occurred during which Dagny and Maggie were horrified at their Papa’s cradle robbing…..

We had awesome visits in July. Early in the month, the daughter of one of my childhood friends spent a night with us. I hadn’t seen her for many years, and we enjoyed the visit immensely. Our daughter Heather and her family from Vermont visited a bit later in the month, and we enjoyed seeing our two Vermont boys, Joseph and Micah. Unfortunately, the month was tainted by another visit to the hospital.

Late in the month, school started for the grands and football was finally back. But the highlight of our month was a trip to Montpelier, Vermont, to visit our family. We enjoyed our small town experience very much. Bill also completed his summer project of the kids’ playhouse, and we had the chance to celebrate our stepmother Shirley’s 80th birthday with her.

Bec visited us in Colorado, and the three sisters took a trip to Estes Park where we listened to the elk bugle and spent such nice time together. It was a wonderful weekend. Jen celebrated her birthday midmonth and I cooked her a French dinner that we enjoyed together.

Much of October was spent moving furniture, as we received our delivery of Wilma’s beautiful living room furniture and the bedroom set that had been Bill’s as a child. The furniture came to us as a result of Wilma moving to smaller quarters. Bill celebrated his birthday with all of his Denver family. Late in October we headed to Arizona to open up the house.

joseph-micah-merlinMid-November, we returned to Denver to celebrate the holidays with our family. Heather and Lauren and the boys drove all the way from Vermont to spend Thanksgiving with us. A week later they drove all the way home, stopping at the end to pick up Merlin the Dog.

We celebrated Christmas with our kids over a period of a couple of days just before leaving on Christmas day to fly back to Arizona, where we will spend the winter. We took time out of our busy month to celebrate my birthday.

Looking back, 2015 was an action-packed year, full of full, family, laughter, love, and joy!

3 thoughts on “I Blinked My Eyes….

  1. I honestly think the picture of Merlin with the boys is my all time fav blog picture. It makes me smile every time.
    Reading your blog every day makes my life happier. Here’s to another year of reading Nana’s Whimsies.

  2. Loved your blog today especially. Encourages me to keep a log of what goes on here at “the home”, before I forget and think I made it all up! Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

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