Christmas in October

I learned early on in my professional career that any time you are unable to be at a meeting, you better brace yourself to be named to something like the Third Floor Ladies’ Restroom Decorating Committee. The same, of course, holds true for being absent from a PTO meeting, as you will undoubtedly be put down for healthy snacks for your little darling’s third grade monthly birthday celebration.

Never miss a meeting.

Bill and I were not present when his brother and sister – Bruce and Kathy – packed up their mom’s two-bedroom apartment a couple of weeks ago as Wilma made her move to a considerably smaller assisted living unit. Friends, Wilma had LOTS OF THINGS. Pretty things. And two-thirds of those pretty things were not going to be able to fit into her new digs.

Bruce asked all of his siblings to tell him specifically what, if anything, they wanted. But at the end of the day, we are going to get what we get. The other day Bruce informed us that a truck was coming our way carrying Wilma’s beautiful living room furniture (which we had agreed to take). But it was with somewhat diabolical amusement that he added, “You weren’t here to defend yourself, so you might have a few surprises in store for you.” Boom. We missed the meeting.

Here’s what our living room looked like yesterday morning prior to the delivery…..

empty living room

Here’s shortly after delivery…..

living room with boxes

And here’s as we began to unpack…..

living rom with boxes unpacked

Since our hearts overflow with gratitude to Bruce and Kathy for all the work they did in a short period of time, far be it from me to complain ONE LITTLE BIT. And, in fact, as we opened the boxes, other than the headache that came creeping forth as I inhaled dust from photos that hadn’t been out of their little box/home for 30 years, I have nothing about which to complain. I have plenty of Ibuprofen. And plenty of photos of people I don’t know. Like this…..

Grandma and Grandpa Rashka

But photos I am delighted to have, like Wilma and Rex’s wedding photo….

wilma rex wedding

We also asked for – and received – a complete bedroom set, including bed frame and a matching chest of drawers and a bureau. Here’s the clincher: The furniture was Bill’s when he was a boy growing up on the south side of Chicago. That means the furniture is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 years old. Aside from a few nicks, the furniture could have been bought yesterday. Rex and Wilma’s philosophy was two-fold: buy good stuff (much of it was built in North Carolina) and pay cash for it. Well, there was apparently a third rule: No 10-year-olds can mark up the furniture! I can’t believe my grandkids will be sleeping in the same bed that their papa did as a child. Well, new mattress.

As we continue to unpack, I will keep you informed if we find anything of interest. Like Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in October

  1. The living room set looks gorgeous. What if you changed things up a bit and moved the sofa against the dining room railing so people sitting there could have a lovely view outside? And then made a cozy reading area in one corner.
    Their wedding picture is amazing! That was taken before the mother-in-law incident. 😊

    • It certainly was. The mother-in-law incident happened on their honeymoon — the trip to North Carolina where she met her in-laws for the first time. Yoiks.

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