Saturday Smile: Robbing the Cradle

I mentioned a few days ago that I spent an afternoon with Dagny and Magnolia geocaching. As we were walking through the park, somehow we got to talking about ages.

“How old are you, Nana?” asked Maggie.

I told her I was 61.

“How old is Papa?” Dagny asked.

“He’s 72,” I told them.

You should have seen the looks on their faces.


Dagny shocked

It must have been similar to the look on Jerry Lee Lewis’ mother’s face when the 22-year-old singer told her he was marrying his 13-year-old cousin. You would think Bill rivals Hugh Hefner.

“He’s so much older than you,” Dagny said in shocked horror.

“Not really,” I explained. He’s 11 years older, but when you’re our age, it really isn’t so outrageous. Now if 12-year-old Addie came home and said she was dating a 23-year-old, that would be cause for alarm.”

It took some persuading to convince them that Papa wasn’t robbing the cradle.

“When you see Papa and I together, does it seem weird?” I asked them.

They admitted it did not.

Still, here are Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend…..

Hugh Hefner

Here are Bill and me……

papa and nana

It’s not so bad, is it?

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Robbing the Cradle

  1. I’ve decided I met you when you where 35. I don’t feel like your ages have ever changed. So, I must have always thought of you and Bill as 35/46 (weird). Now I feel old. I promise, I’ve also never thought of Bill as Hugh. Also weird. Happy Saturday.

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