Saturday Smile: Colonel Mustard in the Library With a Hammer

We came back to Denver for a long weekend because we have missed our family. It has been hovering around 75 degrees with clear skies in Arizona. As Bill told someone yesterday, “We wanted to get away from the nice weather for a few days.”

Here’s what our back yard looks like in Denver…..

backyard snow

But despite the frigid temperatures, it has been awesome to see the family. The grandkids (at least some of them) gathered as soon as we got there…..

grands gathered

I spent part of yesterday watching 4-year-old Mylee and 9-month-old Cole while Mommy and Daddy went to an appointment. Cole slept, but Mylee began bringing out games. Her favorite was Clue Junior. From what I could tell, she has no idea how to play the game, so her version was largely about setting up the board and assigning positions. It then involved a roll of the die which led to hopping madly around the board in no particular order.

mylee clue

I also got to see 11-year-old Addie practice for her upcoming school play Shrek.

And we’ve only been here a couple of days.

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Colonel Mustard in the Library With a Hammer

  1. There is absolutely no love like that from a grandchild. What a blessing you are to them. And they to you. Cute, cute kids.

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