Thursday Thoughts

Yogi Bear, Here I Come
This past Monday was my 62nd birthday. Sometimes I look around a store or restaurant and try to figure out who else is about my age. I simply cannot tell, because in my mind’s eye, I still look like I did when I was 40 (which wasn’t all that great!) Aging is very funny that way. My sister Bec hit the nail on the head when she called me Monday to wish me happy birthday. “You are eligible for the senior National Parks pass now,” she said. As she knows full well, we have to find some sort of benefit to getting older each year. I now can access a $10 lifetime pass to get me into any National Park in the country. That’s about it, folks.

They Say It’s Your Birthday
Jen and I have celebrated our respective birthdays together for – well – a very long time. Maybe not always on the actual days, but at some point we cook for each other. This year we celebrated my birthday at Court’s house, and Jen cooked Beef Bourguignon and brought it with her all the way from Fort Collins. (I made her Chicken Champagne for her birthday dinner, so I guess it’s viva la France this year for the two of us.) Court and the girls made my chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. The day was absolutely splendid, except for the Broncos losing to the Oakland Raiders. That was disappointing, but there is that National Parks pass to look forward to.

62nd birthday

Knock, Knock
At one point when we were at Court’s house, Bill went to use the restroom. The door was locked, so he came back out and began to count heads. Oh, oh. Everyone was accounted for which meant the bathroom was empty and the door was locked. We all looked at 19-month-old Cole, who had a halo, which didn’t fool us. Papa spent the next 15 minutes using a variety of tools and eventually got the door unlocked. He had lots of help…..

kaiya papa helper

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful
Tuesday those of us who live on the front range woke up to a large amount of snow on the ground. Enough to close schools – even the Denver Public School system was closed and it takes a LOT of snow for them to close. I texted Jll in the morning and asked if Addie and Alastair would be interested in earning some money by shoveling snow. The answer came back quickly….yes, they would walk over with shovels. It was cold and the snow was heavy, but the two of them cleared our front sidewalk, the driveway and the sidewalk to our front door. It took everything I had to try and keep Bill from joining them, reminding him that they were young and probably WOULDN’T have a heart attack. He did pitch in some, but they did most of it themselves. Hot chocolate and peanut brittle made by the neighbor were their after-shoveling treats.  They were dressed for the cold. At the point this picture was taken, Addie’s hair had frozen…..

Addie Alastair shoveling snow

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum
Wednesday night was Addie’s band concert at Hamilton Middle School, at which Addie played clarinet. I offered Bill a pass, reminding him that this was a 7th grade band, not to be confused with the Denver Symphony Orchestra. He insisted he would go to support his eldest granddaughter. It was well worth the price of admission (which was free). It pays to anticipate the worst, because it’s so nice to be surprised. They sounded quite good. Addie, of course, was magnificent. Seeing her play the clarinet made me think about my dad. He told me once that he tried out for band in high school so that he could get out of working at the bakery after school. And look, he said, how it changed his life. Maybe it will change Addie’s life too!


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  1. Happy Birthday! Seeing those cute snow shovelers made me smile! A great picture.
    Here in New England it is a balmy 50 degrees. But, no grumbling here, we will take it while it lasts…..
    Happy Holidays

  2. You were so smart to have Addie and Allistair shovel your walks! Captain America didn’t make your Thursday Thoughts?!!!

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