About Me

Who am I? That’s easy. I am a very content wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoyed my long career as a professional communicator, but, thanks to a fairly early retirement, I am happy now to have the time to pursue my variety of personal interests and spend fun time with my family.

I married right out of college, and that marriage produced a wonderful son. Unfortunately, the marriage ended, and I was sad that my dreams of having a traditional family with several children seemed unreachable. Boy was I wrong!

In 1992, I married the love of my life, and he brought along with him three wonderful children – two boys and a girl. Suddenly I was the mother of four. All of our children are grown now, and between them all, we have 10 grandchildren who range in age from infant to college-age. Neither my husband nor I differentiate between our full-blooded children and grandchildren and the steps. They are all the same in our hearts. When we have the rare occasions to all gather together (our daughter and her family live in Vermont while we live in Colorado), I am so proud to look out at my spectacular family. I have come a long way from the days when I thought I would always be a single mother with one child. God blessed us!

I am fiercely loyal to the things and the people important to me. In an age when it is increasingly unpopular to be religious, I am devoted to my Catholic faith. While most people are glued to their smart phones or Ipads, I would just as soon read a good book. While I am not opposed to so-called “clean eating,” I must say that I would just as soon go through my mom’s recipe file and make one of her comfort meals, which often involved a fry pan. And finally, while many claim hundreds of Facebook “friends,” I would just as soon eat lunch or have a cup of coffee with one of my real-life friends. My interests are plentiful and I want to share them with you.

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