Hunker Down

This past Saturday, 12-year-old Mylee and 8-year-old Cole visited us. I’m not certain whether they yearn to spend time with us, or just like the Wind Crest swimming pool, but it doesn’t matter. I count my blessings every time I get to spend quality time with any of my grandkids.

We played in the pool for a couple of hours. They reluctantly got out when I requested that they needed to dry off a bit so that they weren’t dripping during the walk back to our apartment. As a consolation prize, I promised we would stop at the cafe we would be passing and I would buy them each a cookie.

As we headed from the pool to the elevators, we passed a little library area. People have donated books, puzzles, and games, and residents are allowed to borrow them on the honor system. After all, if you can’t trust Q-Tipped Baby Boomers, who can you trust?

“Nana, you know what Wind Crest reminds me of? Mylee asked me, looking around. I said I couldn’t imagine. And I really couldn’t, because she answered, “It reminds me of an apocalyptic bunker.” I looked at her, and she was deadly serious. See above: she’s 12.

After I had stopped laughing, I asked her why it reminds her of an apocalyptic bunker.

“Because it’s got everything here and you never have to go outside,” she replied.

One of the things I like best about Wind Crest is that we have everything here and we never have to go outside. Of course, if the weather is nice, we like going outside; however, if the weather is unpleasant, it’s nice to know we can easily get from Point A to Point B. We can walk to restaurants, church, a movie theater, classrooms, pool halls, swimming pools, fitness rooms, without ever having to brave the elements. You know, like an apocalypse.

I will admit that in all of my descriptions about life at WC, I have never once referred to it as an apocalyptic bunker. However, I will never again tell anyone about our life here without that reference. As awful as the words sound, it really is the most reliable and accurate description of senior living at Wind Crest.

I’m not sure, however, that I would put it in any marketing material.