Saturday Smile: Where’s the Nearest Plug?

My sister Bec and I went to see a movie yesterday, and she told me a story that made me laugh out loud. Earlier that afternoon, she had been in the Apple Store. The woman helping her asked Bec what her plans were for the afternoon. She told the woman that she was going to the movies with her sister. They began discussing the high cost of concessions, and Bec admitted that — on occasion — she secretly brings in a box of Dots that she buys at the grocery store because they don’t sell them at the theater. What’s a movie without Dots, right?

The woman told her that several years ago, her grandfather gave her and her siblings gift cards that he got at Costco that allowed the cardholder access to unlimited movies at Harkins Theater. “It was a wonderful gift,” the woman told my sister. “We saw more movies that year than we ever have since. If we were at loose ends, we would just go to a movie, even if it wasn’t something we were eager to see.”

She went on to tell Bec that they would always sneak in a treat or two. In fact, the woman told Bec that it became a competition. Each time they would go to the movies, they would get more and more ambitious about what they would bring.

“We finally got caught,” the woman admitted. My sister asked the obvious question: What did she sneak in that the ticket taker caught?

“Fondu,” the woman answered.

Have a great weekend.