She Knows Me

The other day, I placed an order on Amazon for Bill. I have already told you I have become the Queen of Amazon. That, and 15 pounds, was a gift from COVID. How easy it is to sit in my La-Z-Boy and press buttons for whatever it is that I want to own. I also became thiiis close to becoming used to ordering my groceries online during my no-weight-on-my-foot phase of foot surgery. I owe it to the fact that I don’t want a pimply 19-year-old selecting my chicken or squeezing my tomatoes that has brought me back into the grocery store.

I’m an advocate of Amazon, because they sell everything but human kidneys (although I think in the beginning they even sold body parts). But I have to learn self-control. Do I love my new Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender? Yes, I do. But I have to stuff it into the top shelf of my closet because I have nowhere else to put it.

Nevertheless, there are certain things I simply can’t resist. Generally, they are kitchen items. So as I was ready to push the button for whatever it was that I was ordering for Bill, Amazon waved something in front of me that somehow Alexa knew I NEEDED……

Here’s the thing: I love to bake. I bake a lot. About 94.78 percent of the time, I can get by very well with measuring cups that hold 1/4 c., 1/3 c., 1/2 c./, and 1 c. of flour or sugar or cocoa. And generally measuring spoons that hold 1/4 t., 1/2 t., 1 t., and 1 T. are sufficient for my purposes. But baking life is just a bit better if the measuring set also includes 1/16 c., 1/8 c., 2/3 c., 3/4 c. measuring cups, and 1/8 t., 3/4 t., and 1 T. measuring spoons.

I might die of old age before I ever use the 1/16 c measuring cup, but if I ever need it, I have it. And in bright, cheerful colors to boot. The truth is, since I started following recipes intended for two people (Zona Cooks), there is a possibility that all of them will be used.

But whether or not I use it is beside the point. The point is that there are certain items that, if dangled before me, I can’t resist. Mostly they have to do with cooking and baking.

I wonder what else Alexa thinks I need.