Friday Book Whimsy: The Last Night in London

Just about the time that I think I’ve had it up to HERE with novels set during World War II, a book like The Last Night in London, by Karen White, comes along with an interesting twist, and I think, well, I can read one more…..

Eva Harlow, born a poor woman with high ambitions to better herself, and her best friend, American-born Precious Dubose, are enjoying life as London fashion models in 1939. They, like many others, are certain that the war will be over soon, and it is unlikely Great Britain will be involved at all. Eva, in particular, is determined to marry well and live a good and safe life. She falls in love with, and agrees to marry, wealthy Graham St. John. Life is going just the way she planned.

But unfortunately, the war does hit Great Britian. The Blitz destroys the world around the two woman, and changes the life plans of Eva. She falls into a situation where one slip could destroy all of her plans, the lives of those around her as well.

But in 2019, journalist Maddie Warner travels to London to do a story on Precious Dubose about life as a fashion model just prior to World War II. She isn’t prepared for the stories that Precious has to tell, nor is she prepared for Precious’s nephew, who is very protective of his beloved aunt whose stories could destroy the lives of many of the people they loved the most.

I love Karen White’s writing. Her descriptions of London just prior to the bombs beginning to fall during the Blitz were descriptive and very vivid, and spun a tail that hits very close to home, especially during these trying times.

Here is a link to the book.