A Sobering Thought

Recently, as I was impatiently awaiting a package I had ordered from Amazon three hours before and wondering what was TAKING them so long to deliver it, I had a flashback to the Spiegel Catalog.

When I was a girl, my town of Columbus had a Monkey Wards, a J.C. Penneys, and a Schweser’s Department Store if you were in the market for clothes. Twice a year we drove the full 70 MILES to Omaha to buy school clothes and to Christmas shop.

But nothing beat the arrival of the Spiegel catalog.

The catalog arrived late summer, early fall, in time for Christmas shopping. As a small girl, I remember that it was thick and heavy, with pages so slick and light that they almost turned by themselves……

Maybe I was just a big nerd, but MAN, I loved perusing that catalog. I would nestle into the corner of the couch, and slowly turn the pages of a magical world. It seemed to me that Spiegel sold EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. That wasn’t actually true, however. In fact, unlike the J.C. Penneys and Montgomery Ward catalogs, I’m pretty sure that Spiegel emphasized clothing and toys. If you were in the market for tools or yard equipment or sheds, you looked at the Wards or Sears catalogs.

But clothing and toys were what interested this young girl, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Spiegel would tell me what was going to be in style over the year ahead. It gave me ideas of what to ask for from Santa. It was pretty easy to see what we wanted for Christmas because those were the pages with the corners folder over.

If you actually placed an order (well, if your MOTHER actually placed an order), it took a very long time before your package was delivered. You mailed in your order, and then awaited the ding-dong of the doorbell that brought a package that included your new pajamas, a skirt and blouse (size 6X), and a white cardigan with ruffles to wear over your blouse. The anticipation made the whole process even sweeter, though I didn’t think so at the time.

And now I’m impatient if I have to wait two days for my Amazon delivery. I’m serious, because here in AZ, there is an Amazon warehouse, and it isn’t uncommon to have a package delivered the same day you order the item, or the next day at the latest. No waiting for the Wells Fargo Wagon to deliver your package.

I was at my physical therapy appointment the other day, and I overheard a conversation from one of the younger physical therapists. She was telling someone that she had gone out for a margarita the previous Friday.

“I don’t drink very much, and the margarita was really strong,” she said. “I ended up drunk-ordering from Amazon. The next day, a package containing some golf clothes showed up on my doorstep, and I have no recollection of ordering them.”

I was kind of chuckling about this to myself when my PT rounded the corner. He knew what was amusing me.

“Don’t laugh,” he said. “The same thing happened to me. I apparently drunk-ordered a scope for my rifle from Amazon one night when I had too much to drink.”

Drunk ordering. Is this a new phenomenon? I’m happy to say, while I have had second thoughts on occasion about something I sober-ordered from Amazon, I was at least fully conscious at the time of order.

At least when ordering from the Spiegel catalog, you had to be sober. After all, you had to write down the number of the items you’re ordering and find the postage stamps.

If I knew how to post a poll, I would ask my readers to tell me if they’ve drunk-ordered from Amazon. Have you?


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  1. No drunk orders from me but I’ve ordered plenty of clothing items from the comfort of my bed in my pajamas.

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