Saturday Smile: You’ve Got All the Tools

Bec, Jen, Maggie, Josey, and I met for lunch and a book discussion of Where the Crawdads Sing on Thursday. Maggie was the chauffeur for Jen and me. As we were leaving after lunch, someone nearly backed over Jen, Maggie, and me, but stopped in the nick of time. That initiated a discussion about the dangers of backing up. Jen said she is especially fearful when she is parked next to a truck.

“Mom, you have a backup camera,” Maggie said.

“Yes I do,” Jen agreed. “But sometimes the car is off to the side, out of sight of my camera.”

It was clear Maggie was almost up to HERE with the antics of her aunts and her mother, and senior citizens in general.

“Well then Mom, you turn your head around to look,” she said. “You’ve got a backup camera AND a neck!”

Good to know, Maggie. We all love you and hope you’ll stick with us and our necks when we are in The Home…..

Have a great weekend.

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