Christmas Frenzy

One thing that I’ve noticed this Christmas season is that there appears to be a lot of tension in the air among the people with whom I interact. Especially people who are driving. For one thing, there seem to be so many more people on the streets and highways at this time of year. Maybe I’m just getting old (well, actually, there’s no “maybe” about that. My Medicare card flashes its ugly face at me every time I open my billfold. Maybe I need to move it to the back where it’s hidden by my Costco card).

On several occasions since Thanksgiving, I have observed and/or experienced some really bad driving choices made by others. I’m blaming the millennials because I blame them for everything. For example, the other day when Bill and I were driving to his monthly doctor’s appointment, we were at a red stoplight. Suddenly, the car behind us shot off to the right of me on the two-lane street and went straight through the red light. Yikes, I said to Bill. Since we’re only a few  blocks from a hospital, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby.

In our show of unfrenziness, yesterday, Bill and I drove to Fort Collins to have our annual Christmas lunch with Jen, my stepmother Shirley, and my nephew B.J. Normally, we celebrate and exchange our gifts at a restaurant. This year, however, Jen wanted to introduce us all to her newest little buddy, Winston, a Yorky Poo puppy who is no bigger than a minute and unimaginably cute. He took a liking to Shirley, and neither seemed frenzied at all…..

As usual, we had a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughs. Jen made delicious sandwiches that involved ham and swiss cheese and Hawaiian rolls. She also prepared Mom’s broccoli soup (though our brother Dave would say it wasn’t Mom’s soup because Mom used slices of American cheese and I’m pretty sure I tasted Gruyere cheese in Jen’s. No worries, however. I’m petty sure Mom would approve of Gruyere cheese because who wouldn’t)?…..

On our way home after lunch, Bill requested that we stop at the Duluth Trading Company that he had noticed when we were driving towards Fort Collins earlier in the day. I was happy to oblige because shopping is not Bill’s thing, so I knew he must have seriously wanted to check out the store.

There have been numerous times when Bill has accompanied me to stores that I enjoy. Big fancy grocery stores. Stores specializing in kitchen and other home goods. Mexican or Asian markets. He generally lasts about 15 minutes and then starts saying things like so, you about ready to go? That’s kind of the way I felt at the Duluth Trading Company. But I bit my tongue because that’s how I roll. Ha! Anyway, as he perused the store from top to bottom, I spent most of my time reading the Thomas J. Glover Pocket Reference Guide, a little black book from which it appears you can find out anything about everything. Not that I remember anything I read.

Bec and I agree that we think the frenetic pace of Christmas shoppers this year is because Thanksgiving was so early. It simply FEELS like you are behind in your shopping because the season has been going on so long.

Calm down, peeps. When December 24 rolls around, if you haven’t finished your shopping, simply do what Alex P. Keaton (played fabulously by Michael J. Fox) of Family Ties fame did: go to 7 Eleven and buy everyone Bic pens.

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  1. I truly dislike the congested roads and stores at Christmas time. But that will not dissuade me. I do so enjoy this time of year.

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