Thursday Thoughts

Fancy Dancy
Bill and I were eating lunch the other day at a burger joint. As we awaited the arrival of our food, I noticed the ketchup bottle sitting on the table in front of me. Fancy Tomato Ketchup, the label proudly boasted. It occurred to me that I had noticed the word fancy on other ketchup bottles. What, I wondered, had to happen to ketchup to earn the word fancy on its label. I’ve never seen fancy mustard or fancy dill pickles. So when I got home, I looked it up. It turns out that the word fancy is given to ketchups with “higher tomato solid concentration.” I don’t know exactly what that means, but it seems the ketchup lobby had a lot of pull at some point in its existence…..

My faithful readers know that I annually, around this time of year, have my pumpkin spice rant. You might wonder why I haven’t expressed my frustration about All Things Pumpkin, and here it is October already. It might be that I am mellowing in my old age. However, I swear the pumpkin spice craze has peaked and is on its way down. I didn’t see one single bottle of pumpkin spice Pepto Bismol this year.

Now That’s Big
In Wednesday’s blog post, I mentioned that Maggie Faith had been to our house and had enjoyed rice krispie treats and an orange soda as her after school snack. Her mother commented that it didn’t take a lot of imagination to understand why she likes to come to Nana and Papa’s house after school, given the treats offered. She added that Maggie had told her that the rice krispie treats were “as big as her head.” I want to go on record as saying that the rice krispie treats were absolutely not as big as Magnolia’s head. They were considerably smaller. Papa’s fist, perhaps…..

Freshen Up
Starting this morning — perhaps even as you read this blog post — our painter will begin doing what he does best — painting. A large portion of our house will look shiny and new in a few days. When we bought the house, I told Bill, “I like the house, but I can’t live with this paint color.” Well, I did, for 26 years.

Batter Up
Sorry to all of my loved ones who are Cubs fans, but GO ROCKIES.

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