Friday Book Whimsy: Bone on Bone

I don’t normally review books that are part of a series because oftentimes, if you haven’t read the series, you won’t understand what’s going on in this particular book.

I’m afraid this is true of Bone on Bone, by Julia Keller, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s why: If I can get just a couple of people to pick up the first book in this series –A Killing in the Hillsyou will be hooked.

The series takes place in a small town in West Virginia, not too far from Washington, D.C. Bell Elkins grew up in Acker’s Gap, and wanted nothing more than to get away from her small hometown. She was the daughter of an abusive father, and her mother was dead. Her sister Shirley went to prison for killing her father as it was looking like he would begin sexually abusing her like he was already doing to Shirley.

Bell grows up in foster care, and eventually goes to college, and then law school. She marries and has a daughter. She has a good life as an attorney in a major D.C. law firm until she realizes she is called to go back home to Acker’s Gap. She does so, and then becomes district attorney, where she faces all of the problems in small towns everywhere, mostly drug abuse.

Bone on Bone is the seventh book in the series. I don’t want to give you a lot of background because so much happens in books 1-6. Suffice it to say that Bone on Bone finds Bell facing a new beginning in Acker’s Gap.

The town is still facing a drug abuse crises – primarily opioid abuse. It is up to Bell and the former deputy sheriff who was seriously injured in Book 6 to come face to face with this crisis that is threatening to ruin the town she loves so much.

The Bell Elkins series by Julia Keller is meaty and gritty. The stories ring true and the characters are flawed but interesting and full of heart.

I can’t recommend the series enough. It isn’t light-hearted reading, but it is story-telling with a heart.

Here is a link to the book.

Here is a link to the book.

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