Time Flies

I believe that days go slow and years go fast
And every breath’s a gift, the first one to the last. – David Frasier, Ed Hill, Josh Kear

I love those particular lyrics from country artist Luke Bryan’s song Most People Are Good. I’m not certain I agree with his notion that most people are good, though I hope he’s right. But I certainly believe that days go slow and years go fast.

Yesterday I was making my almost-daily run to the grocery store. As I was leaving, I overheard my favorite cashier — a man who has worked there for probably 15 or 20 years and whose line I will choose any time it’s practical because he’s so darn nice — express surprise at the time of day.

“Can you believe that it’s already 10:30?” he asked a fellow employee. “I hope the rest of the day goes as quickly as this morning has gone.”

I remember very well having that type of joyful reaction when a workday seemed to fly by. It was one of the reasons I always preferred being terribly busy rather than terribly bored. I had instances of both when I was an employee. Time seems to go faster when you’re busy.

Anyone who has grown children understands that the years fly by. We can remember when our kids entered kindergarten, made their first communions (Court looked so cute in his little blue sport coat and probably hasn’t touched a rosary since that day)…..

…..received special awards, graduated from college, got married, all like it was yesterday. Which is interesting, of course, can I can barely remember what actually happened yesterday.

The point is that the years just fly by and before you know it, your kids are grown. You look in the mirror and you can hardly recognize the person looking back at you. It’s the one thing I tell mothers and fathers of newborns: even though they tire you out and can make you crazy, enjoy every single minute with your children.

Grandchildren duties have kept me busy the past few days. There is truly nothing that makes me happier than spending time with our grandkids. Time with them is precious, because I know that before the blink of an eye, babies…..

turn into this…..

Addie was the bell of the ball at her high school homecoming.

So I am happy to take Cole to school and pick him up. I get to be the first one to listen to his stories about school. I sat with my friend Connor during Circle Time! And taking care of Maggie Faith after school for a while makes my heart soar. She’s my Death in Paradise-watching buddy, and a fan of my rice krispie treats…..

Not much better than a rice krispie treat and an orange pop at Nana’s after school.

Enjoy every single day! Your babies will be having babies before you know it.

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