Saturday Smile: Cookies For a Cause

I mentioned in one of my blog posts this past week that a bake sale was going to be held at Kaiya and Mylee’s school. The bake sale took place Thursday and yesterday, and appeared to be a rip-roaring success. The money will be used to help pay for a camping trip in Estes Park that the 5th graders take each year. You might recall that I donated cookies to the cause…..

Yesterday morning I drove to Willow Creek Elementary to patronize the bake sale. I bought a couple of goodies for Bill and me, and then sat back and waited for Kaiya and Mylee to arrive at school. About 7:50, I spotted Kaiya walking with a friend. She grinned when she saw me. I handed her a five dollar bill, and told her to spend it at the bake sale. She tucked it away for later.

I then wandered to the third grade classroom where the kids were waiting for the bell to ring. I greeted Mylee, and handed her a five dollar bill to be used for the bake sale. Well, money doesn’t burn a hole in Mylee’s pocket. There was no tucking away involved in HER five spot. She ran around to the other side of the school where the bake sale was taking place, and began shopping. Oh, the thought that went into her purchases. She finally decided on some chocolate chip cookies that were shaped like a heart and had initials piped in frosting on them. She looked and looked for an “M” but alas, there were no Ms to be seen. She made do with an “N.”

By the way, I lobbied hard for her to buy a bag of the cookies I made, but it was a no go. Not even slightly interested in a cookie with no chocolate.

After school I got a text message from their mother, who said Cole joined in the shopping spree after school. According to Alyx: Cole was so excited, he was shoveling things into his arms. We had to get a bag to hold everything.

Looks like he thought my cookies looked pretty darn good…..

Have a great weekend.

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