The Cookie Crumbles

Many, many years ago — when dinosaurs walked the earth — I worked hard for a living. I had just started working at the place where I was to spend my next 20 years, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was talking to the woman who was the Human Resources Manager and who had interviewed and hired me. We were lamenting about the difficulties of working full time while being a single parent.

“You know the thing that makes me the saddest?” I asked her. “My son doesn’t get homemade cookies when he comes home from school.”

“Will he only eat homemade cookies?” she asked me.

The answer was no. He would of course eat any cookie that was placed in front of him, and I told her so.

“Then why are you worrying about the fact that he doesn’t have homemade cookies?” she said.

I hate when people are logical.

When I was growing up, the family of one of my best friends had a housekeeper named Rosie. Among all of the things that Rosie did for this family that included seven children was cookie-baking. They had a cookie jar in their kitchen that was always — ALWAYS — full of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I literally never remember the jar being empty, nor do I remember any other kind of cookies. I vowed then and there that when I had my own home, I too would have a cookie jar that was eternally full.

Didn’t happen. Well, that’s not actually true. I have a cookie jar that is always full of cookies, but the cookies are always Oreos. That’s because Bill loves Oreos. And as it turns out, so do all of my grandkids. It’s true that if he can get away with it, Cole will only eat the inside of the Oreo and discard the cookie part somewhere where he doesn’t think I’ll find it. I always do. Well, I think I always do.

I have tried making cookies for my grandkids, but the truth is that they prefer Oreos. I’m not sure why, though I suspect that it’s because Oreos are overly sugary, have a delicious artificial chocolaty taste and are full of yummy chemicals. One visit from any of the grands, and I need to go out the next day and buy a new package. Don’t tell their parents. As it happens, even my grands who live far away in Vermont have an Oreo connection, thanks to an afghan I made for Joseph a few years ago….

I like to bake cookies, but I don’t do it often because neither Bill nor I need to snack on homemade cookies. I can resist the Oreos, but a fresh chocolate chip cookie, not so much.

The other day I got a text from Court. Would you like to bake some cookies for a bake sale for Kaiya’s school? It is to raise money for a camp she will be going to. I was thinking snickerdoodles.

I certainly didn’t say no to making cookies, and though snickerdoodles are a bit more time consuming than chocolate chip, I was perfectly willing to make them. I recalled that snickerdoodles happened — just happened — to be Court’s favorite cookie when he was a kid. I’m SURE that wasn’t why he suggested them.

So I spent yesterday afternoon baking cookies…..

and bagging them to look pretty…..

I wonder if we could just cut out the middle man and Court could just donate the money to the school directly? Maybe write the check while he’s dunking the snickerdoodle in the coffee cup.

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  1. I love snickerdoodles. I have a friend that says any cookie that doesn’t have a chocolate chip inside of it is a waste of time. Love your packaging!

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