Thoughts: Monday Edition

Four Days Late
Bill has been on the pump now for a week. He’s doing great; I, however, am completely under water. I can’t seem to get organized. I’m such a mess, in fact, that I completely forgot about Thursday Thoughts this past Thursday. So, today you will find my Monday edition of Thursday Thoughts. See, I CAN have thoughts over the weekend.

Friday was my sister Jen’s birthday. We typically cook for one another on our respective birthdays. This year, however, we went out to eat Saturday night at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Fort Collins called RARE. I have no idea why all of the letters are capitalized, but I try to be cooperative, so I capitalize them too. We were joined by Jen’s son B.J., and we all had a wonderful time. We started out with the charcuterie plate…..

….and then had a fun selection of foods that we shared ranging from risotto to a delicious pork chop prepared with crispy polenta. Bill surprised us by secretly ordering a round of limoncello after dinner…..

Jen was the designated driver, and it was a good thing because MARTINI, WINE, and LIMONCELLO!

But There’s More
Oregano’s is an Italian pizza restaurant originating in AZ. In fact, up until recently, the restaurants were only in AZ. It is our favorite pizza in the Valley of the Sun. Recently, they opened up their first non-AZ restaurant in Fort Collins. Up until yesterday, they were only open in the evening. Bill had accepted the fact that he was not going to get a chance to eat there this visit to Ft. Collins. However, on a lark, he checked Sunday morning to see if they were opened for lunch, and we were thrilled to find that they opened at 11 — the first day of offering lunch since they opened. We dutifully went to church, gave thanks for all our blessings, and booked to Oregano’s. We were standing at the door when they opened…..

It’s Better to Be Lucky Than Good
The Broncos pulled a win out of their you-know-what yesterday afternoon against a conference rival — the Oakland Raiders. While the rivalry is not what it was in the good ol’ days of Mike Shanahan, it’s still sweet to come down on the winning side of the game. We led for exactly six second in the entire game. Luckily, they were the final six seconds. And Peeps, how Demaryius Thomas keeps his job is a complete mystery. He drops more balls than a professional bowler!

My latest creation — soon to be offered on my Etsy page — are these adorable scrubbies. They’re colorful and 100 percent cotton, making them machine washable as well. I put a dozen or so in a cute basket and gave them to Jen for her birthday…..



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