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When Bill and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary back in 2002, we had quite a big celebration. We renewed our vows at church. We had a great big party in our backyard where we served a fabulous seafood boil with friends and family. I think there were more people eating shrimp and sausage from paper plates that day than there were at our wedding.

And why not? Ten years of marriage was my personal best, I joked.

So as the years went by and we got closer and closer to our so-called Silver Anniversary, I began thinking about how to commemorate 25 years of marriage to the same fellow. I considered another big party, but realized that felt too contrived. Or maybe we should take a fancy vacation someplace really cool. Hawaii, maybe, or New York City. But deep in the throes of our house remodel and having only been home for a little over a month from our winter in AZ, that didn’t feel right either.

And then I had a brainstorm. A year-and-a-half or so ago, Bill and I took a train ride to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, with some friends, and we all had so much fun. Bill, let’s take the train to Glenwood and spent a couple of days!

He thought it was a good idea, and so our three day adventure began.

Let me tell you straight out of the gates that I LOVE train rides. Love them. In a way that is totally different than I feel about riding in a car or flying on an airplane, train rides put me in mind of the 1930s and Hercule Poirot. The gentle rocking of the car as it travels over the rails relaxes me. I feel no need to stay awake and alert in order to keep the train on the tracks like I do when I’m flying.

We traveled on many a train as we toured Europe over the years and have many stories to tell as a result. And none of them include Hercule Poirot or any other Agatha Christie character. As a matter of fact, as I visited what was quite an undesirable bathroom by the end of our train trip on Monday, I was reminded that Amtrack is not the Orient Express.

Still, take a look at our own silver anniversary celebration…..

We started our adventure early, eating breakfast at the Snooze Restaurant at Union Station at 6:30, when the birds were scarcely awake.

We took our seats and were ready for our new adventure. Still working on those selfies…..

Here is an example of the extraordinary scenery we saw from our window…..

Our pretty little room at the historic Hotel Denver, right across the way from the Historic Glenwood Mineral Pools.

And speaking of the pools, we spent a morning at the pool, soaking our aching joints, something unnecessary at our 10-year celebration…

Another selfie. Practice makes perfect…

We celebrated our anniversary at Colorado Ranch House with steaks and old fashioned drinks….

Yum. Well just yum.

We return to Denver today, and it’s back to the real world. But we enjoyed our getaway as much as we would have enjoyed a trip to Hawaii. At the end of the day, we are simple people.

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  1. Don’t discount the beautiful mountains! We recently spent a few days in Beaver Creek for our 20th and absolutely loved it. There were so many people from Europe that it made us wake up to what we have RIGHT HERE. And the best part? NO AIRPLANE.

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