Thursday Thoughts

Better Not Be in a Hurry
My blog post yesterday in which I waxed eloquently about train travel might have been somewhat premature. When Bill checked the status of our train yesterday morning, he learned that it was going to be nearly four hours late getting into Glenwood. The good news is we weren’t in a hurry. We whiled away the day doing this and that. Looking at the flowers, for example…..


Our hotel – located directly across the street from the train station and, as such, used to working with stranded passengers — couldn’t have been nicer. They had to kick us out of our room, but they were helpful in every other way, providing water and use of bathrooms and comfortable places to sit and charge up our electronic equipment. We boarded at 4 o’clock and arrived Union Station in Denver at 11:30 p.m. instead of 6:38 as planned. We walked into our house at 12:30 this morning. Train travel doesn’t seem quite as romantic when you’re hours and hours late.

Flying High
One of the things we did to kill time was to take the tram up to the top of a mountain where there is a very fun Adventure Park….

Fun, that is, if you’re NUTS! There is a roller coaster up there that juts out over the canyon and a rocking swing that not only flies you into the air, but flies you into the air over the canyon. We watched but we’re not even remotely tempted…..

Brave Hearts
Our grandkids, however, are much braver than are we, as they actually did fly over Glenwood Canyon on those self same amusement park rides last year, and lived to tell about it. And I got an email from Kaiya while we were in Glenwood Springs after they returned from their California trip. She sent me this photo of Kaiya, Mylee, and her father on some sort of death defying ride at Sea World…..

I would no sooner choose this attraction than I would choose to feed the whales out of my hand. Have they all lost their minds?

Father’s Day
We had a kind of low key Father’s Day, but cooked burgers on the grill for Bill’s two sons and their families. The weather was perfect and the food tasted good. The kids were momentarily discombobulated when the sprinklers went on about 8 o’clock, but quickly recovered and were soon soaking wet but happy. Here is a photo of Bill with two of his three kids and four of his nine grandkids….



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