The United States of America may have celebrated its 240th birthday on Monday, but I’m the one who is tired!

We basically celebrated for two days. And of course, when I talk about my family celebrating, I’m mostly talking food, not drink. We started off Sunday morning with Duffy rolls…..

Duffy Rolls

For those poor souls who don’t live in the Denver area, Duffy rolls are those indescribable cinnamon rolls made by the aptly-named Duffyroll Cafe, and are a Denver classic. They are not your typical cinnamon roll made from sweet bread-like dough. Duffy rolls are magically created from some sort of flaky pastry that I have never been able to get my mind around. But I certainly get my mouth around them. More than once, I’m afraid.

My niece Maggie and her family are visiting from Arizona, taking the opportunity to get away from the heat that has hovered around (and sometimes over) 110 degrees. They spent Saturday night with Bill and me (along with my sister Jen), because we were all having a big Sunday meal at Court’s and Alyx’s house. And when you’re preparing for a party, one needs party accoutrements. So what better place to prepare for the party than at Dollar Tree, known in our family as the dollar store. How much is everything? One dollah. Maggie’s 2-year-old daughter Lilly caught on quickly and spent her money well…..

Lilly dollar store (2)

Court’s menu consisted of green chili, extra-hot! But the lychee martinis created by Alyx cooled everything down. The kids, however, were already cool because they spent time poolside….

Mylee Austin pool

Although Mylee and Austin, both 5, have spent little time together in their lives, they were immediate BFFs, something I anticipated due to a mutual interest in Legos and Minecraft. And when you have Minecraft Legos, well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

There was cake for dessert, and Papa/Uncle Bill enjoyed the treat along with the kids….

zierks jensens eating cake

At the end of that afternoon, we all went outside and the kids went through several boxes of Pop-its firecrackers. But they first posed for a cousin photo…..

zierk jensen cousins

Monday, Bill and I drove to Fort Collins where we spent our Fourth of July at Jen’s house. She grilled burgers and made yummy potato salad. Maggie made a pasta salad that was supposed to feed four but looked like it would satisfy a small African village in a pinch. The family did their fair share on it, however.

After dinner, we all went to City Park in Fort Collins and watched a magnificent fireworks show. My observation is that kids either love fireworks or want nothing to do with them. Austin and Lilly fall into the “love” category. Lilly, in particular, was wholly impressed with the entire fireworks show, which was, indeed, impressive. If only the strange drunk man hadn’t fallen down at my feet just before the show began, but it is America after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave – and on the Fourth of July, the drunk.

Now it’s back to the real world of healthy food and exercise. But dang, I’m sure grateful to live in the U.S.A.

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  1. I loved watching our grands play together. Lilly got her dollars worth of the shovels she picked at the dollar store yesterday at the park in their giant sandbox.

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