Thursday Thoughts

Cutting Up
I mentioned recently that my niece and nephew gave me a $100 gift certificate to Amazon, and I couldn’t decide how to spend it. I got several suggestions, but went with my gut and bought myself two – count ‘em – new Wusthof knives. I have a 6-inch Wusthof chef’s knife that I have loved, but decided it was too short for some jobs. So I purchased an 8-inch Wusthof cook’s knife. I don’t know the difference between a cook’s knife and a chef’s knife, but I’m pretty sure I’m more of a cook than a chef. Anyhoo, I also bought a Wusthof paring knife. I find I am using my old Chicago Cutlery paring knife more and more often, so I decided to upgrade that as well…..

Wusthof knives

Green Tea
Every year at this time, the Linden tree blossoms burst into bloom and smell magnificent. Every time I get a whiff of the smell, I’m back in my grandmother’s house in Columbus. We had a Linden tree in our front yard, and when it would bloom, Grammie would come and collect the blossoms. She would lay them out on a large piece of plastic in her spare bedroom and let them dry. From these dry blossoms, she made a green tea. That tea was the only beverage she ever offered to us. The alternative was water. Which I chose. Jen said she liked the flavor. I didn’t, but I certainly like the smell of the blossoms….

Lindon blossoms

Every year on the 4th of July, my mother would tell us the same thing. It’s July 4th, your summer is half over. I HATED when she would say that. It made me so sad. So yesterday when I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things, I felt my mother’s presence as I walked past the Back to School section featuring all manner of school supplies. In my heart of hearts, I realize that school will begin in something like six weeks. Nevertheless, it makes me so sad to see the days get a bit shorter each passing day. But wait. Oh, that’s right. I have a house in AZ.

Fun in the Sun
Who needs a big swimming pool when you can splash in a pool in our back yard? The grandkids – even though they are now all mostly very good swimmers – love when I blow up the pool and fill it up with water. Like my mother, I fill it part-way up with cold water from the hose. I then begin trucking in bucket after bucket of hot water so that the water temperature is perfect. I can’t have my little precious ones be cold. As it is, after a good hour of play, Cole’s teeth were chattering and Kaiya’s toes were wrinkled. They always have some kind of fun….

addie kaiya cole pool 2016

Papa Day
Last Friday Bill and I went out to dinner with some friends. Addie called me in the afternoon and asked me what time we would be home. I told her we were going to a happy hour, so it probably wouldn’t be late. Why, I asked her. Well, it seems that she declared July 1 to be Papa Day in honor of her Papa Bill. And in his honor, she baked him a chocolate cake and wanted to surprise him with it after we got home. I assured her I would keep it a secret. The hard part was keeping him from ordering dessert, but I was successful. Shortly after we got home, Addie, her brother Alastair and her mom and dad all came over for Papa Day, which she now says will be an annual event. Mark it on your calendars. July 1 – Papa Day. They also brought fireworks that they had purchased in Wyoming, where fireworks are legal, which had been sitting in their garage for a couple of years. We set off some mildly exciting fireworks and firecrackers – nothing that would get us kicked out of the neighborhood, but fun nevertheless. I can’t wait for Papa Day 2017. Here is the delicious, if somewhat crooked, cake. Four layers, donchaknow…..

papa day cake (2)


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. That is some cake! My granddaugher also calls her grandpa – “papa”. Although I do hear grandpa more and more, she slips back into “papa” when she is in a hurry or not focusing. I think it is very cute and hope she keeps it.

    Hauling HOT WATER outside to the play pool???!!! I must have missed that part in the grandma bi-laws. However, I DO fill it early in the morning so the sun will warm it by the time they get here. 🙂 But the little one won’t get in because its too cold, so I may have to try it your way! My kids will never let me live it down though.

    • Bill was going to be Grandpa, but our oldest grandchild Addie said Papa instead, and it stuck. Grandma rules vary from grandma to grandma and house to house. I will tell you it’s a pain to haul hot water!

  2. Summer is half over…it is Thanksgiving and Christmas at Hobby Lobby! I thought my teacher daughter was going to have a coronary in the store. They even skipped Halloween.

    We had a great 4th but missed Papa Day.

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