Saturday Smile: Adam Smith Meets Scrooge McDuck

Adam SmithThe other day, Addie told her papa and me that she had hired Magnolia and Dagny to do some of her chores. She paid them out of her allowance. They did her laundry and straightened up her room. Their wage? Twenty-seven cents apiece. Total, not per hour.

“What?” her papa and I said simultaneously. “Why, that’s highway robbery.”

Addie smiled with absolutely no remorse in her face. What the market will bear, I Addie closeupguess.

A short time later, her papa came in from outside where he had been doing some yard work.

“I struck a better deal than what you gave your sisters,” he told Addie.”I just agreed to mow our neighbor’s lawn next week since she will be out of town.”

His payment? A loaf of homemade rye bread.

What the market will bear.

Have a good weekend.

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