Feeling Happy

Here are some things that have made me happy over the past week or so…..

cousins painting

Dagny, Magnolia, and Kaiya water painted a group picture.

cutting trees

Alastair helped his papa cut down a couple of trees in our back yard.

Mylee Ferarri

Mylee sits in Papa’s sports car. “It’s so comfortable I want to stay in here forever,” she said.

dagny swim meet

Dagny gets ready to compete at her swim meet.

fathers day volley ball

Some volleyball in our back yard on Father’s Day.

Kenz Kaiya

Kaiya meets her cousin Kenzie.

Snuffles Kenz

Mackenzie got a new stuffed animal while visiting Estes Park this week. Snuffles keeps watch while Kenz sleeps.

Kenz Carter Kaiya

Mackenzie, Kaiya, and Carter sun themselves after getting wet in the splash pool.

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