Friday Book Whimsy: 100 Best Books

100 booksRecently, the web site Goodreads (a social network site that is sort of a gathering of avid readers who recommend and review books) put forth their list of “100 Books You Should Read in a Lifetime.” The list is included as a link.

Any list like this is fairly subjective. There are, of course, an almost endless number of books and an almost endless number of readers who have differing opinions about what books are important. But I think this is a really comprehensive and fairly well-thought-out list of books that are worthwhile to read.

Out of these particular 100 books (which I think are in no particular order), I, an avid reader, have not even read half. Yikes.

I would argue with the choice of some (while I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I’m not sure it would be among the most important 100 of all time), I have never heard of others (Celebrating Silence?), I was disturbed that authorship of The Holy Bible is given to Thomas Nelson), and believe having four – count them – four Harry Potter books included is overkill when you are limited to 100 total books.

Having said this, I enjoyed seeing this list and plan on reading or re-reading some of the books mentioned.

What books would you include that aren’t part of this list? Which of these books would you leave off? What other thoughts do you have about this list?


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