Saturday Smile: Going Green (and Yellow and Blue and Pink)

While little brother Cole was in the hospital getting tubes put in his ear so that everything he hears doesn’t sound like it’s coming from Charlie Brown’s teacher, his two older sisters spent the day at our house. We had a busy time, starting our day with a visit to Target to procure the mandatory Play Doh…..

When all was said and done, however, Play Doh was unnecessary because the two persuasive girls talked me into letting them make slime. Water, Elmer’s glue, food coloring, and a teaspoon of Borax. It takes about 10 minutes and provides hours of fun. I’m not sure exactly why, but they squeezed their slime for hours…..

We went to see Despicable Me 3, where we were joined by Dagny and Maggie Faith. Upon returning home, those two had to make their own slime as well. Dagny is a master, having even convinced her teacher to allow her to teach a class after school last session called Slime Time, during which she showed the attendees how to make all manner of slime. She can even make bubbles…..

When they all went home, slime carefully placed in little baggies, I spent the rest of the evening cleaning up insidious green food coloring which had somehow escaped from Kaiya’s slime. No matter. For pennies, they had hours of fun.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday Thoughts


Professor Poopypants

Last week I made a promise to Kaiya that I would take her and her sister and brother to a movie this week. So Tuesday I texted her and asked if she would prefer to see Captain Underpants or Despicable Me 3. (I haven’t seen Despicable Me 1 or Despicable Me 2 – presuming there are such things — but I didn’t figure it would be too hard to catch up with the plot.) Kaiya’s response was that she would like to see DM III but that Mylee would like to see Captain Underpants.  CU has been out longer, it was in the cheap theater, so the answer was a no-brainer. Captain Underpants it was. Meanwhile, I got a text from Addie asking if she and Dagny could come over and hang out. I explained our plans, and invited them to come along. Yay. It was a party. Movie with popcorn and sodas all around. Well, not me because my diet precludes popcorn. Sigh. Anyway, the movie was just okay (though I did laugh out loud at times), but if anyone knows a pre-teenager boy, attendance is a must. The villain’s name was Professor Peepee Diarrheastein Poopypants. Need I say more?

Pet Patrol
I got a phone call from Addie yesterday, confirming that I was going to care for Biscuit while she’s gone. Remember Biscuit-the-Guinea-Pig?……

So I scootered over to get my care instructions, which seem quite complex. At what point during the feeding process does Biscuit chomp down on my finger, I asked Adelaide. She assured me that wasn’t going to happen. I was satisfied with my instructions and was getting ready to leave when Addie asked Maggie Faith, “Do you want Nana to take care of Leah while we’re gone?” Leah? Of course, Maggie said yes, and I met the hermit crab that I didn’t know existed. Frankly, the instructions for Leah seem much more complicated than those for Biscuit, but perhaps that’s because I was getting them from a 9-year-old. Anyway, say a couple of prayers to St. Francis that Biscuit and Leah make it through the next few days.

Bountiful Harvest
That’s an exaggeration. My harvest is far from bountiful. Still, I am eating grape tomatoes from my garden, and have picked a couple of red Big Boy tomatoes, mostly to keep them from the wild life that have taken up residence in our back yard. But my most beautiful harvest to date has been my Swiss chard…..

Between that and my tomatoes, I’m enjoying summer goodness…..


DS Alec Hardy and DI Ellie Miller, who live in Broadchurch, England. Did you ever see two crabbier looking people?

Yesterday I read a blog that I follow, and learned about a program she was watching called Broadchurch. It’s on Netflix, and is a detective series filmed in Great Britain. I watch so many of those that I get the plots all mixed up. This one is darker than my other current favorite, Father Brown. Anyway, I watched the first episode, and by time I looked up, I had watched six full episodes. I think I took a break for lunch, because I have a vague recollection of eating pho. But the story (which is told over the eight episodes that make up season 1) is compelling. Can’t-Stop-Watching compelling. Word of warning: don’t do what I did and look it up on Wikipedia because for reasons I can’t quite explain, they tell you who the murderer is, something the viewer doesn’t find out until Episode 8. So now I am paying special attention to one particular character, knowing that character is the killer. But the show is incredible, if somewhat broody.