The Secret of the Golden Arches

After Mass yesterday, I asked Bill what he wanted to do for breakfast. He was in a hurry because he had to complete some legal work so that he could drop it off at his client’s house early in the afternoon.  “How about McDonald’s? he asked. My heart sunk, just a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a McDonald’s hater, at least for breakfast. I admit to enjoying a Sausage McMuffin with Egg on occasion. But at my last physical, my doctor had suggested I try to cut down on sodium. It seems my blood pressure, while still not horrible, is threatening to jump to much higher levels. In fact, sometimes it sticks it’s tongue out at me and takes a practice jump. Given the fact that Italian sausage factored high in my diet the past few days, I thought I should give my body a break.

“Why don’t we go through the drive-through to save some time, and then you can have your Sausage McMuffin and I can fix myself a scrambled egg at home?” I suggested.

So, we — seemingly along with most of southeast Denver — got into the McDonald’s drive-through debaucle, er, line. It’s not pretty, my friends. It’s the two-lanes-that-then-must-turn-into-one-lane-to-pay that causes the problem. It brings out the worst in humankind, I’m afraid. In the time we spent in line, we could have eaten breakfast at the Brown Palace. Live and learn.

But it made me think of something I recently read: According to a survey conducted by Food and Wine magazine, America’s favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A. The chicken restaurant ranked number one overall in fast food loyalty. While most of the people I know like Chick-fil-A, I call B-to-the-S that it beats McDonald’s as the overall favorite. I had lots of time while waiting in line to consider this matter.

Food and Wine, in fact, points out that there is a flaw in their own system, though they don’t know what it is. You see, while McDonald’s runs near to last in the overall favorite category — and dead last in the burger category — it runs first in sales. First.

Back when I worked hard for my money, I interacted with senior aides to members of Congress. One aide in particular told me to never trust political polling results. “People answer poll questions the way they think they’re supposed to answer them,” he told me. “And then they vote their conscience in the polling booth.”

My friends, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with this poll. I mean, who would want to tell Food and Wine magazine that McDonald’s is your fast food of choice? It’s much cooler to tell them that in those RARE instances when you eat a fast food burger instead of a kale and quinoa salad, you choose In-N-Out. Seventy-three percent of those polled chose In-N-Out in the burger loyalty category. In real life, who’s going to go to In-N-Out when your kid in the back seat is screaming for a Happy Meal?

As an aside, I have never understood the In-N-Out phenomenon. To me, it’s an ordinary burger with less than ordinary fries. Haters, don’t hate. I would choose Five Guys (which came in second in burger loyalty) any day.

I didn’t go out and get my doctorate degree in Research and Analysis last night, but something’s fishy with this survey. And speaking of fishy, if there had been a “fish” loyalty category, I would have selected Culver’s in a heartbeat. Their fish sandwich ROCKS.

Here is a link to the article from Food and Wine.

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Thursday Thoughts

Down By the Schoolyard
Tuesday afternoon I had some time to kill and a back that was hurting for reasons I can’t explain. (Lord knows it wasn’t from hard work!) Anyway, I had put the movie Maid in Manhattan on “My List” on Netflix, and I decided to spend a couple of mindless hours watching it. I had seen it before, but for some reason, I like that movie. Perhaps it’s because it stars Jennifer Lopez, a performer I really like, though admittedly her acting – at least  in this movie – leaves a lot to be desired. My liking this movie is certainly DESPITE her co-star Ralph Fiennes, an actor I abhor for no good reason whatsoever. While I half-expected to look back afterwards and think well, there’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back, that isn’t what happened. I’m a sucker for a love story, predictable or not. And it started off well because the song that opens the movie is Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, by Paul Simon. I double-dog-dare you to listen to that song without tapping your feet and singing along. One of my favorite songs EVER. In fact, that movie has lots of good music. No chemistry between J-Lo and Fiennes, however.

The New Kale
I recently got something on my Facebook timeline feed that indicated that the vegetable kohlrabi was making a comeback. In fact, according to whatever it was I read, kohlrabi is the new kale. Because kale is apparently losing its luster, I feel safe to admit that I simply loathe that particular green leafy vegetable. And I am a lover of green leafy vegetables. The only exception is the Tuscan soup (aka Zuppa Toscana) that, in addition to kale, also includes Italian sausage and potatoes. Perhaps it’s the Italian sausage and potatoes that makes the kale palatable. Anyway, I had great plans to write an entire blog post about kohlrabi in which I would tell you all about my grandmother and how she served kohlrabi and how delicious I thought it was. As part of this proposed blog post, I was going to include a recipe for kohlrabi, including photos of the kohlrabi which I would have prepared. Unfortunately, word about kohlrabi being the next kale hasn’t reached Denver, because not only can I not find it at any grocery store, but when I ask, the produce people look at me blankly as though I’m speaking Bengali. I am not giving up.

Our son Court and his family recently returned from Maine, where they attended the wedding of Alyx’s sister. For the rehearsal dinner, the bridal couple offered fresh Maine lobsters. Yum. They shipped in 40 pounds of them, and, not surprisingly, they were apparently delicious.

40 lbs lobsters 2016

At some point Court and Alyx’s brother Kemo challenged one another to a lobster-eating contest. Court was the victor with a total of six whole lobsters. He won  by a mere claw. Kaiya was brave enough to handle a live lobster…..

Kaiya lobsters

When the Cows Come Home
Tuesday was Dress Like a Cow Day at Chick-Fil-A. I’m not sure if that’s what they called it, but apparently anyone who wore cowlike clothing into the restaurant received a free entrée. I connected up with my niece Maggie and her family that morning at Chick-Fil-A to say goodbye as they were leaving for Arizona later that afternoon. Not ones to miss out on a good deal, here is who I found……

Mark Lilly cows 7.16 (2)

Yikes. When Mark Jensen hears Dress Like a Cow, he dresses like a cow. You can barely see Lilly’s cow vest, but it’s there.