Thursday Thoughts

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Again, last night, it began to rain. We had dinner at Oregano’s Restaurant, and when we came out, it was pouring. Rain here in the Valley is interesting, and potentially dangerous, because the ground is made of clay, which doesn’t absorb moisture. If it rains hard enough, it can be dicey driving on the roads, which might be flooded. Thank goodness we made it home without running into any water on the roads, at least not at that time. It’s been a chilly spring so far, with lots of moisture. Probably good for the dry desert, but not good for the snowbirds who are trying to enjoy springtime weather.

Play Ball
And speaking of springtime, spring baseball has begun here in the Phoenix area. We were out for dinner the other night, and there was a miserable Cubs fan bellying up to the bar, drinking away his sorrows. The Cubbies had lost to the D-Backs, and he was sad. Given that it was the first spring training day, he might be starting his drinking early and often. There’s nothing like a Cubs fan.

We had a spontaneous dinner with my niece Maggie and her family last night at Oregano’s. When we walked in the door, her husband Mark and her son Austin were waiting for us. They had just returned from a Cubs game. Austin was very excited, because he got an autograph from one of the Cubs players whom he really likes. Austin was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t recognize his name and we agreed that his Aunt Bec would know the name. I asked Austin if the fellow was nice about the autograph. “Yes, he was really nice, Aunt Kris. I said, ‘Hey (whatever his name is), could I have your autograph on your baseball card, and he said, ‘You betcha Buddy.” I wonder if the players love the youngsters who revere them or find them annoying. I hope it’s the former, because Austin was very tickled.

Toothy Owies
We (and when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘Bill’) get to finish up our week by having a root canal. Once that’s finished and healed, he can have the crowns placed on that side. He will once again have some back teeth. Maybe we’ll celebrate with a ribeye steak. But we’ll wait until Saturday for two reasons: Lent and root canal.

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