Friday Book Whimsy: The Recovery Agent

Author Janet Evanovich is a prolific author. She is perhaps best known for her Stephanie Plum novels. The first Plum book came out in the early 90s, and she has written many books since then

Evanovich’s newest character is Gabriela Rose, a hard-nosed and clever detective who is paid to find things for people, mostly billionaires. All sorts of things. In this first novel, The Recovery Agent, Rose’s task is closer to home. Her parents are about to lose everything. Based on family legend, Rose sets off to the jungles of Peru to find the Ring of Solomon which is connected to an a lost treasure.

The first problem Rose faces is obtaining the map that will lead her to the treasure. To find the map, she must go through her sexy ex-husband Rafer, who has the map. He insists on joining her on her mission to Peru, and Gabriela reluctantly agrees.

The two encounter several formidable obstacles, including a crazy man who is also on the hunt for the Ring.

I enjoyed the first book of Envanovich’s newest series. Gabriela is strong and smart and completely prepared for the adventure. The relationship between Rafer and Gabriela — which still sizzles with chemistry — is a fun side note to the story. Like her Stephanie Plum books, the side characters are quirky and likeable and add humor to the main story.

At the end of the day, The Recovery Agent has the same feel as the Stephanie Plum books, which felt a little competitive. Evanovich, however, can write a good detective story that will make you laugh out loud at times. Overall, I give the book a thumbs up, and will read the next book in the series when it is released.

Here is a link to the book.