Thursday Thoughts

The Lemon
I tried my very best to not get sucked into the Lululemon world. True story: A few weeks ago, I picked up our grandson Cole from school. As I waited for his class to be dismissed, I watched the parents begin gathering to pick up their darlings. What struck me was that every single one of the women — except for two — was wearing leggings. It must be the new uniform for suburban moms. Anyhoo, everyone who’s anyone is buying Lululemon clothing, but I simply couldn’t get past the price tag. A hundred bucks for a pair of spandex pants? But everyone I know who owns a pair of these very expensive clothing items tells me they are worth every penny because they are so comfortable. So, I decided to use part of the gift card that Bill gave me for Christmas at Lululemon. Bec and I went shopping yesterday and I bought a pair. I immediately put them on when I got home. My verdict? Worth every penny. It’s like not having any pants on at all. They feel as soft as butter. I’m not getting paid a penny by Lulu or anyone else.

Yesterday morning, Bill was reading his Google news. He looked up and told me that all of the U.S. flights had been canceled the night before because of a computer problem. I looked up from my own Google news about the naughty faces that Prince Louis was making to Princess Charlotte, who couldn’t cry because she’s a princess and princesses don’t cry. And doesn’t Kate look pretty in navy blue? Anyway, I could hardly believe what he was telling me. Apparently, because of the computer error, pilots weren’t being informed about planes careening towards them in their air space or snow plows on the runway. Poor Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Prior to being named Transportation Secretary, his biggest problem was that no one could pronounce his name. Now we see his face on the news more often than our president. I suspect the first advice that he gave after hearing the news was that they should try shutting off the computer, waiting two minutes, and turning it back on.

Won’t Be Buying a Private Jet
Bill and I once again purchased tickets for the Mega Lottery drawing. We didn’t win, but at least this time I knew where our lottery ticket was. You should have seen Bill and I buying the tickets from the vending machine. We looked like aliens from a different planet trying to figure out how to order an Uber. We finally purchased our tickets, but alas, to no avail. I had to call and cancel our order for the private jet. Probably a good thing, because it seems to be more and more difficult to fly anywhere these days,