One of the first things I noticed when we were looking at Wind Crest was the creative ways residents decorated outside the shelf right out the door. Some have beautiful bouquets of artificial flowers; some have pretty bowls and pieces of art.

Since we’ve gotten here, however, it became clear that most decorated for the season. Mostly the shelves are decorated for fall, and many of the decorations are for Halloween.

For quite a while, our shelf remained empty. There was simply too much to do, and of course there was the matter of my pinched nerve. Bill put out one his bronze horses, beautiful and made by a famous artist whose name I can’t remember and don’t feel the need to do so. But the artistry of the couple across the hall’s shelve made me uncomfortable. Certainly I was going to be mentioned on the Wind Crest’s Next Door.

The other day I got burst of energy (and some pain relief from my medication cocktail) and went to Hobby Lobby. I took a very long time browsing for just the right decorations when I realized that, while they had all sorts of fall decorations, there was not a single Halloween decoration. No scary ghosts; no haunted houses, no signs saying Too cute to spook or Witching you love.

I found a Hobby Lobby employee and asked her where the Halloween decorations were. She looked at me like I was Beelzebub himself. Bottom line: Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell Halloween decorations. But that’s probably for another blog, and by then my meds were wearing thin.

I finally pulled together a fall theme that makes me smile every time I look at it…..

I don’t know why that blue truck makes me happy, but it does.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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