Thursday Thoughts

Out and About
I felt good enough to venture out yesterday. The weather was absolutely spectacular. For the first time in a long while it felt like Spring. We both wanted to get out and enjoy the blue skies. I had run out of my favorite whiskey. It’s insane to think about putting up with the pain from my pinched nerve without the help of alcohol. Don’t worry. No narcotic pain medicine for this gal. I grew up in the Age of Karen Ann Quinlan. It’s true, however that I take Ibuprofen as often as my stomach will allow. Anyhoo, we drove to Total Wine and Liquor and bought some adult beverages. We then had Mexican food at one of our favorite restaurants that was on our way as we drove home. It felt good to be out and about. I paid the price yesterday evening, unfortunately.

Is it Aaron Rogers?
Last night Bill and I weren’t all that hungry because we had eaten a big Mexican food lunch. But as my grandmother always said, “You’ve got to eat a little something.” So I walked over to the Colorado Cafe, where you order your food and they bring it to your table. I ordered take-out, and they brought it to me in a nice paper bag with handles. As I waited for our food to be prepared, I couldn’t help but see that I was looking at my first senior citizen male with a man bun. I hate man buns, and I will admit to particularly hating a gray man bun. I wonder what his grandkids think about Gampy trying to look hip. I know what MY grandkids would say. Or at least think.

For Sale
We met with our real estate agent, and came up with a price for the sale of our house. She told us all about the realities of the housing market right now. According to her, the sale prices are about what they were in 2020. She asked me if I want to know what the people looking through the house are saying, and I said HELL TO THE NO! I loved that house, and I know that whoever buys the house will change it dramatically. Good on them, but I don’t want to know. Now we wait. It will go on the market within a few days.

You Live in Colorado, Stupid
We are settling into our home. However, despite the fact that we are surrounded by our familiar things, we both feel like we are on vacation. I turned on the news the other day, and to my surprise, the newspeople were the ones I watched when I lived at 3962 S. Olive St. And then I recalled that despite the new surroundings, we still live in the Denver metro area. It’s going to take a while.


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