Thursday Thoughts

It’s Just Peachy
We got our annual box of Palisade peaches yesterday from our neighbor, who sells them for his Optimist Club. He gets them from the same farmer every year, and they are delicious. Now I have to figure out how to use them before they start to rot. Yesterday I made a peach pie, and it was delicious. I won’t bore you with a photo, because I have posted so many photos of my pies that even I’m bored. But I will assure you that it was beautiful, as all homemade pies are. My niece Jessie and I were recently trying to figure out why we enjoy making pies so much. We mutually agreed that they are so yummy, but most of all, they are so pretty.

Tomatoes, Tomahtoes
I have finally been harvesting my tomatoes. This year I planted grape tomatoes and an heirloom red tomato. The small tomatoes have been ripening for a couple of weeks now. The larger tomatoes have only now begun to ripen. They’d better hurry up, because I’m quickly losing interest in all of my outdoor plants……

Another Step Forward
We learned yesterday that our financials passed muster with Wind Crest, and we have been approved as residents. Things could potentially move quickly from here on, but there is one hold-up. We decided to extend the flooring out from the kitchen into the rest of the apartment except for the bedrooms. Unfortunately, we can’t move in until the flooring job is completed. They are still awaiting arrival of the flooring, and then it takes a full TWO WEEKS to lay it down. I’m joining the masses of people who are frustrated about having to wait for supplies and services. I’m luckier than many, so I will stop complaining right this very minute.

School Daze
Our grands are all getting geared up to return to school. Magnolia has been attending freshman orientation classes all this week. Kaiya only has one day of freshman orientation, and it’s Tuesday. School starts Wednesday. I can’t believe those two girlies are entering high school. Yikes.


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