As we drove home from our finance meeting yesterday, Bill was quiet for a bit. Then he said, “We are really lucky, aren’t we.” I agreed, and decided it’s time again to stop and think about five things for which I’m grateful this very day.

  1. I’m grateful to have a wonderful son of whom I couldn’t possibly be more proud. I’m also happy that he forgave me for not remembering to call him on Monday to wish him happy birthday until 7:30 that night. Oy vey. Happy birthday Son!
  2. I’m thankful for all of my grandkids. This very day, however, I’m particularly thankful for my eldest grandchild, Addie. She called me on Monday when she got home from her CNA certification class. She had studied Parkinson’s Disease and other progressive diseases, and called to promise her love and support for her papa and me. She asked me lots of questions about our new senior community and about how PD is affecting both Papa and me. I couldn’t stop smiling after our talk.
  3. Yesterday before our meeting with the finance people at Wind Crest, we had lunch at a restaurant in Highland Ranch’s Town Center. The area is very near Wind Crest, and will likely be visited by us very often. It has a Target, an Office Depot, a Home Depot, lots of restaurants — both fast food and nice sit-down, hair salons, nail salons, etc. It will be fun to get to know our new neighborhood, and I’m thankful for all the amenities the area offers.
  4. I’m very happy that Bill is getting used to his new hearing aids so easily. He had trouble inserting them the first few days, but the process has gotten much better. And I’m grateful that he can hear me when I talk to him.
  5. I’m so very thankful for all of the help that our kids are providing to us as we clean out the house and get ready to move. We couldn’t do it without their help.

Sometimes it’s important to stop and think about all of your gifts.

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