Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole went to the movies. We started our afternoon my favorite way: eating sushi. Despite the hit my billfold takes, there is nothing I enjoy more than eating sushi with those three. We always go to the same place, and the proprietor knows us by now. He should know our order by heart, except that Kaiya changes it up once in a while. Yesterday she surprised me by ordering something called masago in addition to her regular veggie rolls (no asparagus). I had never heard of it. Masago is sushi made from the roe of the capelin fish, which is apparently a cold-water ocean fish. I tried a bite of the roe, and was unimpressed. Cole, however, ate much of one of them (she ordered two). As long as Mylee has plenty of green mussels, she is a happy camper. I eat my yellowtail hand roll and sit back and watch the food disappear.

Following sushi, we went to see the movie The Rise of Gru. I am embarrassed to tell you that I had never seen a minion movie, not even Despicable Me. I knew what a minion was because I don’t live in a cave. I had received two reviews of the movie — one person loved it and one person hated it. I fall in the middle. I love Steve Carrel and Alan Arkin, so I loved hearing their voices. The minions got on my nerves just a bit. Still, I admit that I laughed out loud in a number of places, and Cole thought it was very funny. A wobbly thumbs up from this reviewer.

Tech Troubles
At this point in time, neither Bill’s iPhone or Apple Watch are working. We have an appointment this afternoon with Apple to try and get the problem resolved. I have been to the Apple Store twice and on the phone once in an effort to get him back up and running. I hope this appointment today solves the problem. In the meantime, if it takes the 30 days they are threatening it might take, I will be buying Bill a burner phone, just like the drug dealers and the murderers.

For Sale
There are so many things that we won’t be able to take with us when we move, and some make me sadder than others. I haven’t played my piano for years, and yet it makes me sad to have to give it up. It seems, by the way, that no one wants a piano these day. If anyone has tips, it would come free as long as someone would haul it away. Oh, and definitely have it tuned.


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  1. Kris, You might want to connect with college schools of music or music lesson consortiums if there are any (which I am sure there are) to see if they would want the piano. A local high school might want one for a practice room. Maybe in the parochial schools too who have less of a budget sometimes than public schools. Kate


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