Finding Our Way Home

A little over thirty years ago, Bill and I moved into our new home. It had taken a bit of time to find just the right kind of home that would meet both of our needs. I wanted a big kitchen where I could prepare and serve wonderful meals to our family. He wanted a two-car garage (three-car garages were nearly unheard of for middle-class Americans in those days). I wanted a lot of light coming through big windows. He wanted what he called something special. “I don’t know what that is,” he would say, “but I’ll know it when I see it.

He was right. He recognized immediately that our big back yard was special. I envisioned our kids — and then our grandkids — playing in that yard. Maybe throwing the football. Maybe hitting soft balls, barely missing those big windows.

We bought our house, and then when it came time to move, I left town. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t run away. I had a work commitment out of town. It didn’t matter because Bill and his kids moved us into our house while I was gone. When I got back to Denver, it was to our new house. They had put everything together except my kitchen. I will tell you that they did a surprisingly good job. In fact, I don’t think I changed very many things over our 30 years in the house.

Day before yesterday, Bill and I signed a commitment to buy into the Wind Crest community. After looking at a number of different apartments, we finally landed on the one that felt like it was meant to be our home…..

That’s not our furniture, of course. The apartment is staged to give potential residents an idea of how the apartment looks when it’s furnished. As you can see, it has the big windows that provide am abundance of light, something that is very important to me. I was very busy looking around and didn’t take many photos. My bad. But we are invited to return at any time to take measurements and get ideas on how we want the place to reflect Bill and Kris.

It’s got two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is quite a bit of closet space, and room to build more shelves. The apartment is 1,200 square feet, about the size of our AZ home, including the area in which Jen lives. As such, we are certain the the smaller size will not only be fine, but even welcome. When Bill asks me if I know where he left his phone, I don’t have to send him up a flight of stairs to look in our bedroom. Instead, he can take 20 steps or so to look for his phone.

It will take approximately 60 days to close the deal, so we’re on the clock. I’m very thankful that Wind Crest provides people to help us downsize and move.

And speaking of gratitude, I so happy that both Bec and Jen were with us when we looked at the apartments and made the decision. Their advice and suggestions were very helpful.

We have some big changes ahead. But change is good. Isn’t it?

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  1. Almost time for new memories in a new home. I bet there is a family out there dreaming of finding“something special” too!

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