Thursday Thoughts

I should have more thoughts than I do, but my top of mind thought is that my sister Bec arrived here in Denver this afternoon. I picked her up from the airport around 2:30. We spent the remainder of our waking hours yakking about life. Since we talk three or four times a week via FaceTime, one would think we wouldn’t have anything to say to one another. And yet, we find plenty to talk about. It’s good to have her here. She will be here until Sunday, and then she will head north to Fort Collins to spend time with our sister Jen.

That’s a Lot of Donuts
Basha’s Grocery Store — where my brother works — is celebrating its 90th anniversary. To commemorate this landmark anniversary, they decided to break the Guinness world record for the most donuts used to create a motif. A total of 14,400 donuts were filled, iced, and appropriately placed to create Basha’s logo…..

The colors of the logo are made from 14,400 donuts iced appropriately.

My brother Dave was instrumental in coordinating this effort. He had help, however, his eldest grandchild, Grace, showed promptly at 3:30 a.m. (what teenager gets up that early, even for her grandfather?) to help ice all of those donuts…..

Grace is the pretty young woman in the front.

The effort was a success, and Basha’s is now officially in the Guinness Word Book of Records.

And that’s a wrap. Not many thoughts this Thursday!

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