We went from beautiful weather in the mid-80s to hot, just like that. I can’t complain (though I do) about the heat, because my sister Bec arrives this afternoon from AZ. She comes to Colorado for the cooler weather. Mid-90s seem cool when you’re coming from 115 degrees. It’s all relative, people.

Because I knew it was going to be hot, I picked up Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole yesterday morning, when it was still quite cool, for a geocaching adventure. It’s been so long since any of us have geocached that I had to remind Cole what geocaching meant. Their house is undergoing major repairs from a toilet overflow that went unchecked until too late. They currently reside in an apartment, where they will probably live for a shocking number of months. We need plumbers!

Anyway, when I looked on my geocache app, I discovered that there were three geocaches near their apartment complex. We set off in our car to drive and park near the location. Mylee was the first to manage the navigation. (When Addie is the first female president, Mylee will be her VP.)

The first geocache was a pretty easy find. Though camo’d, it was hanging from a tree, and Mylee spotted it almost immediately. One for one.

I located another geocache location not too far from the first one. We were hunting in a pretty busy business area, so though the cache wasn’t far, we decided it was safer to drive. Cole was the second navigator. He got us to the very spot, but it appeared to me that we needed to be on the other side of a stone wall. There was no easy opening, so we trudged about a half block until we could go around the wall. The temperature was rising steadily.

It didn’t take us very long to realize that we had, in fact, made a bad decision. The geocache was definitely on the side of the wall where we had started. The kids hopped over the fence and jumped the two feet to the grass below. They turned and looked at me. As you might imagine, there was no leaping over the fence for this nana. I did, however, manage to get myself to the other side, though it wasn’t pretty. I assessed the two-foot drop and determined it was a go.

I made it, alright. Unfortunately, I landed on my buttocks (as Forest Gump would say), and proceeded to roll down the small hill. Yes, literally roll. The grass was slippery, donchaknow.

After determining that their nana wasn’t broken, the three tried very hard not to laugh. Kaiya held my hand the rest of the way.

This particular geocache was difficult. We looked and looked and looked. We were just about to give up, when Cole shouted, “I see something that looks weird.” Tucked inside the Stone Wall From Hell was a plastic jack-o-lantern containing the geocache log! Cole’s Big Find. Two for two.

We drove to a third location, but try as we might, we were completely unable to find that third geocache. Kaiya and I went home as losers, geocachewise, that is.

By this time, the temperature had hit 92, and we were tired an hungry. We went to the nearby Park Meadows Mall and dined at the Food Court.

I’m enjoying every minute of summer with the kids before school starts. I mentioned to the kids that it wouldn’t be long before school began, and Cole firmly told me that school was a long time away. Time goes by fast when you’re a nana.

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  1. You have become your mother…4th of July summer half over! Unfortunately, my Kara starts in 3 weeks!

  2. The visual of you rolling down that hill. 😂. I’m happy you were okay and geocaching sounded fun.

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