Christmas Countdown

This point of the Christmas season reminds me a bit of the final three minutes of an NBA game that I am losing. I’m flying around, trying to get those final points, or in my analogy, the final presents. It’s finally time to wrap those presents that I have been ignoring for the past month. I have to count to make sure that I’m being fair to everyone. Grandkid A has more gifts, but I spent more money on Grandkid B, I find myself thinking as I count gifts and add in my head. I always give the grands pajamas (I have every year since Addie was born, so I’m not giving away a great secret if one of them happens to stumble upon this blog). Finding the correct size was easy when they were toddlers. Now half of my grandkids are taller than me, and I have no idea what size they wear. I fear buying too large a size for the girls, or too small a size for the boys, thereby creating the scenario where the pj’s end up at the bottom of their underwear drawer.

That’s why every year when we get on the airplane on Christmas Day, I give a HUGE sigh of relief. It’s all finished. No more shopping. No more wrapping. No more cooking. Just getting settled in our AZ home. This year, of course, I only have about a week to really enjoy desert relaxation because come the week of January 3, Bill and I begin our Surgical Escapade. Two for him; one for me. But the impact of mine will be longer, as I will be non-weight-bearing for up to six weeks. I’m pulling a Scarlett O’Hara and not thinking about anything until tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.

In the meantime, this past weekend I concluded what I like to call my birthday week. Bill and I went to Fort Collins where we celebrated with Jen, her pooch Winston (who loves a good birthday), and her son B.J. Jen and I went to hear the Colorado Bach Ensemble perform the Christmas part of Handel’s Messiah. When it finished, we both looked at each other and said, “It wasn’t long enough.” I love that piece of music so much. It was fun to enjoy it with my sister who loves it too.

Much to our surprise, we had to show proof of vaccination to get into the program. Jen keeps her card in her purse, and I am thankful that I thought to take a photo of mine. Otherwise we would have been sent packing. I was also surprised to see that the members of the chorus were required to wear masks throughout the performance, though the soloists could remove theirs when they sang. And the musicians who played an instrument that didn’t involve the mouth all wore masks. All part of the pandy!

After the performance, Jen and I met Bill and B.J. at our favorite Fort Collins restaurant, RARE. Any meal that starts with a martini and ends with chocolate volcano cake can’t be bad…..

Though turning 68 is not quite as much fun as turning, say, 7, I must admit that my 2021 birthday celebration was outstanding.

Let the countdown to December 25 begin.

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