Saturday Smile: Kramer Lives

I mentioned the other day that Mylee, Cole, and I watched a couple of Christmas movies that had to do with switching identities. Cole sat in a chair facing the television, as did Mylee. I sat on the couch off to the side. Cole had his iPad on his lap, and I assumed he was playing a game while he watched the movie. At some point, I walked in front of him to reach something on the table next to his chair.

“Nana, you’re in my way,” he told me. I explained it was just for a moment.

Mylee answered, “But he’s recording the movie on his iPad.”

I immediately flashed back to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets caught in the movie theater recording a movie illegally, and started laughing. I will assure any video police that he only recorded a bit because I pointed out that the movie was available from his parents’ own Netflix account. I don’t think that counts as pirating!

Have a great weekend.

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