Friday Book Whimsy: Tin Camp Road

Laurel Hill has lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan her whole life, and wants her daughter Skye to have the same sorts of experiences as she did growing up in this desolate but compelling part of the state. In fact, the two live in the very same town where she grew up, in a cozy house they both love. They are very happy despite the fact that Laurel has to scrape and save to take care of her child. The precocious Skye learns more from spending time with her mother than she does in her classroom of four children.

But then the landlord unexpectedly explains that he is turning them out so that he can fix up the home and offer it as a vacation rental, a move that will make him lots more money, but leave Laurel and her daughter homeless.

Laurel does everything she can to continue making life normal for her daughter, but it becomes increasingly difficult as money diminishes and it becomes more difficult to find a place to live. Laurel can spend less time as a mother because she has to hold down several jobs. They are walking a tightrope until the rope breaks, almost bringing disaster.

Tin Camp Road’s author Ellen Airgood grew up and lives in Michigan herself, and clearly has a love for the area. Her descriptions of the landscape and the lake are so distinct and believable that the reader can almost see the sparkling Lake Superior and feel the need to put on a coat to prevent a chill. I can’t imagine living in such a place, but after reading the book, I can certainly see how it holds appeal to some.

The story is told with such love, and the relationship between mother and daughter is bound to make readers smile. I loved Laurel and Skye, and envied the way they interacted with each other.

Tin Camp Road is a story of the strength that comes from love and feeling a part of community. I enjoyed the book very much.

Here is a link to the book.