Thursday Thoughts

Getting a Boost
Bill and I had lunch yesterday with some friends we hadn’t seen in some time. During the course of lunch, they mentioned they had just gotten their COVID vaccine booster shot. “Whaaaat?” I said, because I knew she had gotten her original shots later than I. I thought there was an eight-month waiting period before getting the booster. Apparently not, because they had gotten theirs without any problem whatsoever. When we returned home from lunch, I got on Safeway’s COVID website, and quickly learned that both Bill and I were eligible. It seems the waiting period is only six months if you meet the criteria. And for Pfizer, one of the criterium is being 65 or older. Within literally minutes, I had an appointment for Bill and I to get our shot that very afternoon. When I think about the stress, time, and angst involved in getting our first shots compared to the ease of getting the booster, I am amazed…..

Though I can’t say much for my photography skills, here is proof of our vaccination status. Take THAT, COVID.

Autumn Leaves
Yesterday was the first really chilly day of the fall. It never reached 60 in our neck of the woods. At one point, it poured rain. I mean, the rain came down in sheets. I was on my way to retrieve our original vaccination cards to take with us, and drove through the downpour. I didn’t mind the rain, but certainly kept my fingers crossed that it didn’t start to hail. I would have been sad to see hail damage on my pretty red car. The trees are suddenly starting to change colors, so apparently fall is here to stay. Well, until it’s time for winter.

An Evening With Clint
I am very eager to see the new Clint Eastwood movie called Cry Macho. Though I don’t think it’s doing well at the box office, my sister Bec said it got a good review in the New York Times. The reviewer did say that it is quintessential Clint Eastwood, so if you’re not a fan, don’t bother. It so happens that Bill and I are fans. We are planning to see the movie in the next day or two. In the meantime, we watched Unforgiven last night to get in the mood. That really is one of my very favorite movies. His character tries so hard to be good, but the bad guys just won’t let him!

Du, Du Liebst Mir in Herzen
Last Saturday, we celebrated Bill’s son Dave’s birthday with dinner. It had to be a quick dinner, however, because Dave and Jll were heading off to a Oktoberfest party given by one of their friends. It was a costumed affair, and the two certainly looked like fresh-faced German mann und frau. Dave’s black eye, by the way, comes from opening his son Alastair’s thermos which contained food that was so old it had fermented and exploded in his face. True story…..

Ciao! (Or in this case, auf wiedersehen.)

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