Thursday Thoughts

Frozen 3
You might recall that right before we left for AZ to attend my niece’s wedding, our refrigerator went kablooey. Well, actually it was our freezer. I took everything out of our freezer and carried the frozen goods (of which there was a considerable amount) to a few loved ones who had room enough in their freezers and who loved me enough to share their space. We returned 10 days later, but before I could say defrost, I was in the hospital. So I finally picked up my frozen food the other day. Now I have to figure out how to use some of the frozen food that will no longer fit in my freezer. You know how your clothes fit in the suitcase when you begin a trip but no longer fit when you repack to come home? Same reality.

Cattails Ala King
Did you know that you can eat cattails for survival in case of a world disaster? I learned that from Pinterest which still apparently thinks I am preparing for Armageddon as they keep feeding me survival tips. There is a park in a nearby usuburb named Cattail Park. I will merely have to walk to the park and beat off the rich people who live near that park to survive disaster. Good to know.

Frying an Egg on the Sidewalk
While not even coming close to the 115 degrees “enjoyed” by my Arizona family, Denver’s high yesterday reached 100 degrees at DIA. One of the lead stories on the local news wasn’t Biden’s meeting with Putin. Nope, instead the reporter tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk (unsuccessfully), bake cookies in a car, (unsuccessfully), and make s’mores in a pizza box covered with aluminum foil (marginally successful. It really was hot. My outdoor plants were very glad to see me and my hose.

What’s Up, Doc?
Bill had his long-overdue appointment with his PD doctor on Tuesday. For the most part, he was pleased with Bill’s health. The disease, of course, continues to progress, but it seems to be taking its sweet time with him. I think he simply stays so busy that it can’t catch up with him. One takeaway is that he has to undergo a sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea. They really could save the time and money and just ask his loving wife. I listen to him breathe all night long. Sometimes he holds his breath so long that I’m flying over to the other side of the bed to shake him, just abouty the time he takes another breath.


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