Friday Book Whimsy: A Christmas Resolution

The books, take place in Victorian England. While apparently including characters that are in the author’s other book series, they are completely stand alone novels. While reference was made to characters that I assume devoted readers would be familiar with, I found it in no way confusing to the book or difficult to follow.

In 2003, author Anne Perry wrote a Christmas novel called A Christmas Journey. Her readers loved the novel, and she has written a Christmas novel a year ever since. Despite the number of Christmas books she has subsequently written, I have read nary a one. Until this year. My sister, who owns and has read every single one of the Perry Christmas books, gave me her latest, A Christmas Resolution, as a gift in the spirit of Christmas. I enjoyed the book so much that I will be reading her earlier books well into 2021.

Though past the normal age of marrying in Victorian England, Celia has found great happiness through marriage to John Hooper, a police officer. She learns that her dear friend Clementine has agreed to marry Seth Marlow, a member of Celia’s church, but a pretty despicable character. His wife committed suicide and his daughter ran away and has become a prostitute in London. Clementine feels sorry for him, but Celia knows he is a very bad man.

Seth comes to Celia and accuses her of sending a letter to him that threatens to tell secrets he doesn’t want told. To save her good name, Celia decides to try and find the real letter writer, as well as the truth about what happened to his wife. Her husband agrees to help.

A Christmas Resolution, while frankly not very Christmasy, was a fun and interesting book to read. I enjoyed the author’s writing, and liked the characters I was supposed to like and disliked those I was supposed to dislike. She presents a strong and realistic picture of Victorian England, and the roles of men and women.

I recommend the book as a merry Christmas read.

Here is a link to the book.