Thursday Thoughts

Shaken, Not Stirred
Since I was pretty sick of Christmas movies, Bill and I elected to begin a James Bondathon last night. I have never been a big fan, but Bill enjoyed the series over the years. We started at the beginning (because Julie Andrew’s told us it was a very good place to start in Sound of Music) by watching Dr. No, starring Sean Conway. He was, in my opinion, the sexiest Bond ever. RIP. I love movies that were filmed in the 60s. Love the clothes, the hairdos, the cars, the whole deal. Special effects leave something to be desired, but nevertheless, James Bond got the girl. This time Ursulla Andress.

Big Boy and Girl Bed
Today our brand spanking new king-sized bed is supposed to be delivered. God willing and the creek don’t rise, by tonight, Bill and I won’t be fighting for our lives to keep from being pushed out of bed by the other. The company delivering the bed is supposed to take our old bed and frame, and install the new bed and frame. A friend of mine commented that she was surprised Bill wasn’t cutting up our old bed with my bread knife and putting it in our garbage can. It will be nice to enjoy some legroom as we sleep.

New Colors
Of course a new bed requires a complete redecoration of our bedroom. That’s how things work. The inside of our house is mostly painted in browns and tans, very Aztec. It was a nice change from Denver at first, but now I’m in the mood to brighten things up. I’m told bright whites are in style, and the keyword for me is bright. We went to Sherman Williams to look at paint colors yesterday. We will embark on this process sometime after Christmas. Much as he would like, Bill can’t paint the walls because the ceiling is too high. I would be hanging on to his legs, making it difficult to climb a ladder.

Happy Birthday to Me
I enjoyed my birthday very much. Jen made short ribs and my grammie’s macaroni and cheese. I spent the evening with all of my siblings. Throughout the day I got many birthday greetings via Facebook, FaceTime, phone calls, and texts. It was my 67th trip around the sun, and we celebrated accordingly. Maybe next birthday, we won’t be trapped by a pandemic. Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was Heather’s 44th time around the sun.


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