All Beds are Off

Now that we have conclusively decided that we are staying in AZ through the holidays, we are beginning to settle in. We are also having to deal with the fact that we left Denver assuming we would return in mid-December. So we both had doctors’ appointments scheduled right before Christmas. I didn’t take many cool-weather clothes because I planned on bringing them on Christmas Day. Most troubling, I didn’t bring all of our medications, and insurance companies get perturbed if you start asking for more meds when they KNOW you haven’t used all of the ones they sent you last.

We both spent time on the telephone yesterday cancelling appointments, and trying to explain that we couldn’t reschedule because we had no idea when we would be returning. Bill was supposed to see his neurologist, but he was told they couldn’t do Zoom visits when the patient is not in the same state. Something to do with malpractice. Hmmmm. My doctor visit was dental in nature, and while we have learned to do a lot via the computer, teeth examination and cleaning is not one of those things.

We also made a firm decision that since we were staying here, we were going to buy another bed. Long-time readers may or may not recall that I have written before about our bed purchases. I wrote this blog post in 2013 when we last bought a bed here in AZ. You will notice that I was rather cocky and overly pleased with the fact that we purchased the bed in 16 minutes from start to finish. (And we weren’t even facing COVID at that time). Frankly, it didn’t take much longer than that for us to realize that perhaps we should have spent a tad more time picking out our mattress. That mattress has ended up being a bust, plain and simple. To be fair, however, what it mostly has going against it is that it is queen-size. It can’t help it. We set out to purchase queen-size; we purchased queen-size; we now regret queen-size.

In a more recent blog post, I wrote about our purchase of a king-sized bed in Denver. I listed all of the reasons why we made the jump from queen to king. I also noted that we spent considerably more time making our purchase decision. I LOVE THAT BED. When we’re in Denver, sometime around 4:30 every afternoon, I start wishing I could go to bed. It’s that comfortable. It only took a few nights in our queen-sized bed here in AZ before we determined a critical need for a king-sized bed. But now we were facing COVID, and shopping for mattresses wasn’t really something I wanted to do.

My sister Bec mentioned to me that her son Erik had recently purchased a new bed from a company called Tuft and Needle. He and his wife were thrilled about the bed. Comfortable. Purchased online and delivered straight to your door. Best bed they’ve ever had.

Boom. Ordered. I also ordered a box spring, a bed frame, a mattress cover, a bed quilt, new sheets, and a partridge in a pear tree. Merry Christmas to me. We’ve received everything except the bed. We paid extra for a third-party business to come and set it up for us and remove our old mattress. We didn’t think we would be able to persuade a FedEx delivery person to handle such a task. And I sure as heck wasn’t going to try and lift a king-sized mattress and box spring.

Now we patiently await the ringing of the doorbell indicating our mattress has arrived. It occurred to me, however, that I probably spent less than 16 minutes buying a mattress that not only have I not tried out, but haven’t even set eyes on.

Give me two years before I write my next bed-purchase post.

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