Thursday Thoughts

Facing the Ballot
Our ballots showed up in the mail over the weekend. Yesterday I made the Big Move and opened up the envelope to glance at what I will face when I finally get up the nerve to vote. That will happen before the end of the week. And then I don’t want to hear another commercial, watch another debate, get another unwanted text message, or read one more Facebook political post.

The Fly
Bill purchased a pair of heavy-duty safety sunglasses. He tried them on, and is very pleased with how well they protect his eyes from dust and debris when he’s working in the yard. He demonstrated to me how handsome he looks when he wears his glasses with his facemask. Hmmmm. I see the resemblance….

What About the Lawn?
Yesterday I called the man who has blown out our sprinklers for the past few years. He didn’t answer, but I left a message for him. He called back yesterday evening to tell me he could come this afternoon to do the job. What is your address, he asked me. I told him, and he answered, “Oh, your husband is the one with the Ferrari in his garage, isn’t he? I admitted that he was the owner, though the car isn’t currently in our garage in Denver. Oh, if only his memory of our house was our beautiful lawn.

Little Bitty
In my never-ending quest to make cute small things to eat, yesterday I made the most adorable pumpkin pie for two. I actually try to make it for a couple of days, but Bill isn’t satisfied with one piece. I can’t blame him. They really are small. But the small piece makes me happy. Here’s a photo before I put it in the oven. The measuring cup is a quarter cup. I placed it there for perspective…..


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