Changes in Gratitude, No. 2

This week thus far, I have written two I-Am-Crabby-And-I-Know-It blog posts. Today, I’m not a bit crabby. Of course, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning when I post this blog. There’s still plenty of time.

A couple of months ago, I posted a blog about being grateful. Concentrating on the glass-half-full instead of the glass-half-empty. I think I’m generally a pretty cheerful person (unless you’re Bill McLain and you’re sitting across the table from me before I’ve had my first cup of coffee in the morning or my 5 o’clock cocktail in the evening, or really any given time between). But I do tend to go down the doomsday path pretty quickly when a problem arises. Like Pumpkin Spice toothpaste or being called Honey by a 22-year-old receptionist.

Anyhoo, I figured it was about time to look again at the positive side of my life, and name the five things for which I am most grateful THIS DAY.

No. 1: I currently have three — count ’em — three UNOPENED puzzles. That means three puzzles with which I am totally unfamiliar. Yesterday morning I started a puzzle that I bought last year around this time. It is a Springbok puzzle (my favorite brand) that features Halloween cookies. I’m having fun with it given the season and all, but I have to tell you there is something simply wonderful about starting a puzzle that is totally new to me…..

No. 2: All of my grandkids are stepping up to the challenges they face in school. They are all in live school now, and they complain little (at least to this Nana) about having to wear a mask all day. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable. Our eldest grandchild — Adelaide — is a senior this year. Rather than moaning and complaining about all of the things she is missing, she is creating her own fun. Both she and Alastair — along with their friends and with the help of parents — created their own “homecoming” that included dressing up and having dinner (provided by the parents). One of the perks of being a senior at Addie’s high school is that the seniors are given a parking spot. For a slight charge, they can paint that spot. Even though up until yesterday there was no live school, she purchased and painted her spot in August just because it was the tradition…..

No. 3: I love autumn, even though it’s a forewarning of winter. But the trees are spectacular this year, and I’m grateful to live in a place that has four seasons (and that I can be in AZ for the season I don’t like!)…..

No. 4: Years ago when we decided to take out a bed of perennials that made me crazy and put in a big patio, I immediately envisioned the grandkids playing on scooters or drawing with sidewalk chalk. I am happy to report that it has come about just as I’d hoped. Every time I see one or more of my grandkids riding scooters or playing four square or drawing pictures, my heart is grateful…..

Oh, and it’s more than the grandkids who enjoy sidewalk chalk.

No. 5: I am grateful to live in the 21st century when we can have cataracts removed and knees and hips and shoulders replaced. Just imagine how our ancestors suffered through crippling arthritis and blindness because there were no alternatives.

And so, my friends, this is my gratitude list for the day. I hope it makes up for my crankiness earlier this week.

Nevertheless, get off my lawn.

2 thoughts on “Changes in Gratitude, No. 2

  1. I enjoyed each and every blessing you touched on today. I cannot figure out how the seniors can spray paint such detailed designs.

  2. Love your gratitudes!

    Fall is not my season: shorter days and ragweed do me in! I do love the tree color, though. Plus my flowers are not pretty anymore.

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