Thursday Thoughts

It seems like every time you turn on the television or pick up a magazine or newspaper, it’s nothing but bad news. Really, really bad news. Pandemics. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Killer Hornets. Droughts. Explosions. Are you ready for some good news? A scientific finding published in May in the Journal of Physiology indicates that drinking one glass of red wine provides the same benefits as exercising for one hour. I nearly teared up when I read the headline. According to the study, an ingredient that is contained in red wine — resveratrol — provides the same benefits as exercise. That same ingredient is also found in fruits and nuts. So you can enjoy a charcuterie tray with your wine. Sit on your front porch and drink your glass of Cabernet along with some grapes and almonds, while waving to those sweating fools running down your street. By the way, white wine doesn’t provide the same benefits. That’s okay. I prefer a nice hearty red anyway.

How the Other Half Lives

The other day while I was paying bills at my computer, I noticed I had set down my glass of iced coffee on top of a dollar bill. Ha!, I thought. Apparently money is no object any longer. Back in the olden days, a dollar would pay for enough that you wouldn’t use it as a coaster. Of course, Bill recently told me that he read that you could scarcely find a twenty dollar bill that wouldn’t have some trace of cocaine on it. The small coffee stain on my George Washington barely counts…..

Second Time Around
Bill and I have been biding our time during this season of Nothing on Television by watching movies we’ve seen before. We watched Saving Private Ryan (during which we cried throughout the entire movie), Donnie Brasco (Bill loves himself a good mob movie), Seabiscuit (which Bill abandoned because Seabiscuit wasn’t a mobster), The Firm, and Silence of the Lambs, to name a few. Oldies but goodies. I love watching a movie in which I already know the ending. I know. Call me crazy.

Quit Bugging Me

Bill came into the house yesterday afternoon and said, “You wouldn’t believe the size of the bug I just killed in the back yard.” Frankly, those are not words one wants to hear from the mouth of one’s husband. “Do you want to come see it?” he added. Hell to the NO. But whatever it was, apparently my pest control fellow is scared of those guys as well. Here’s hoping it wasn’t a Murder Hornet. I better go have a glass of wine so I can run really fast.


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